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Wahoo Cat 5 Marina Dock Systems

Manufacturer: Wahoo

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OVERVIEW is proud to represent Wahoo Docks the industry leader in both residential and commercial, aluminum framed floating dock systems. With years of highly professional Marina development expertise, Wahoo Dock provides the highest quality aluminum framed floating dock system available. Wahoo's focus to quality production in combination with state of the art manufacturing practices their design allows for a system that provides highest value for your investment.

MAINTENANCE FREE, AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, DURABLE and VERY CUSTOM! Wahoo™ dock has been designed to suit a wide range of tastes, needs, regulatory requirements and environmental conditions. Customers can personalize their docks through shape, colors, materials and other options to satisfy their particular needs and tastes, making it uniquely their own.

Wahoo™ has gone to great lengths to make the look of their docks as flexible as possible, as economically as possible. The look of almost any part of the structures can be changed while maintaining the maintenance-free experience.


Waterfront developments typically feature property specific docks for each property adjacent to the water and/or a Community Dock with multiple slips, often to provide boat access for property owners without direct water frontage. Because our docks uniquely blend aesthetic appeal, durability and low maintenance, Wahoo is a natural fit with developers looking to showcase their property in the best light possible.

Wahoo™ Wahoo CAT 5 Commercial marina shown here is just one of countless systems built by Wahoo. This marina located in Georgia and was engineered with great value placed on the forces that affect a floating structure that is stressed 24/7. These systems incorporate more metal and reinforcements than competitive docks and are methodically designed to maximize the strength of the material used. And, as the pioneer of the heavy-framed aluminum dock, Wahoo's™ functional experience with aluminum dock is second to none.

Wahoo Construction

Each and every Wahoo™ Dock is designed using a combination of advanced engineering principles and decades of practical building experience with an emphasis on strength and durability, aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. They continue to lead other dock companies on stylistic measures, incorporating over 35 proprietary castings and extrusions in to their docks to create a 'finished' appearance unlike any other.

Multi-Slip Community Dock Benefits

  • Slip availability enhances property value
  • Profit potential from sale of limited slips
  • Single dock reduces regulatory process required for same number of individual docks
  • Flexible design can create common areas for residents


    The key to designing long lasting, maintenance free dock systems is an understanding and appreciation for the structural, mechanical and chemical properties of the component parts, how they interact, and recognizing the external forces the dock will encounter.

    Maintenance Free Materials

    • Structure and Members: 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum has a similar tensile strength as steel yet offers better versatility for flexible designs and significantly more resistant to corrosion.
    • Fasteners and Hardware: Stainless steel hardware is highly compatible with aluminum and adds strength and hardness to the critical bolted connections.
    • Bumpers and Bushings: HDPE and UHMW-PE plastics provide a durable, long lasting insulation barrier that protects boat-to-dock contact and silences metal-to-metal contact on the structure.

    Benefits and Value

    • Excellent Weathering: The materials on a Wahoo Dock simply will not rust or experience material, structural or aesthetic degradation.
    • Longevity: The structural integrity and aesthetic beauty of our docks remain consistent over time, unlike docks made with other materials where oxidation and decay have a significant effect on their appearance and durability.
    • High Value: Wahoo's unique, proprietary extrusions and castings are designed to deliver preceis structural strength where needed and to give maximum design flexibility and aesthetic advantages without continual upkeep or routine maintenance.
    • Widely Suitable: Because of their resistance to corrosion, our docks are suitable for coastal or inland projects.


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Manufacturer: Wahoo
Product MPN: Wahoo Marina
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