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Aquasweep 1/3 HP - 115V Dock Mount

Manufacturer: Scott Aerator

Model: 16013

Item Type: Water Cleaning

Series: Aquasweep

Typically Ships: 5-15 Business Days

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THE AQUASWEEP™ MUCK BLASTER - 1/3 HP / 115 Volt Dock Mount Model

The Aquasweep is an a high velocity water propulsion system that pushes debris 40+ feet and can be dock mounted, floating or freestanding. This unit is designed to can keep your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface, while also forcefully blasting muck, silt, and decaying leaves off the bottom. The Aquasweep fully adjusts in any direction and is now available with a fully programmable Oscillator attachment allowing the unit to change direction over time and without manually being adjusted.



  • 300 Gallons-Per-Minute Flow Rating
  • Runs at 3450 RPM''s 
  • Manufactured with American-made stainless steel, including the motor
  • Move Muck and Bottom Debris up to 80' Diameter
  • Minimum Water Depth Required is 12"
  • Dock Mount, Floating or Freestanding!
  • 5-Year Unconditional Warranty on Motor

Aeration and current are essential to keeping a healthy waterfront, as it reduces algae, minimizes insects, eliminates odor problems, and helps to create a healthy home for aquaculture by preventing stratification where sediments pose an issue. The Aquasweep has been proven to blast muck and silt for more than 20 years. All of the imitations have been on the market for just 5 years. The Aquasweep comes standard with an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. The others offer a 2-year, limited warranty.



  • Oil-free, environmentally friendly motor means no oil leaks!
  • Motor specs: 115 volts, 60 Hz, single phase, 8 amps, 630 watts (larger 230-volt motors, many variations of 3-phase and 50-Hz models available)
  • 12-gauge, submersible, 50-foot power cord with rugged Hubbell marine style plug included.
  • Rugged, high-density polyurethane-and-stainless steel construction.
  • Over 7 feet in length and 55 pounds overall weight.
  • An automatic thermal overload shut down feature.



Scott Aerator’s Aquasweep products can keep your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash, decaying surface debris and forcefully blast muck, silt, and decaying leaves off the bottom. There are three different ways to install the Aquasweep and the type of installation will determine well the unit works at a given task. See below to help determine what model you will need.




  • Dock Mount - comes with either stainless steel mounting plate designed for many different dock styles OR a dock post mounting bracket designed to attach to a pole or post, along with a stainless steel yoke assembly that reaches a depth of 7 feet. This style is designed for lake bottom maintenance.
  • Floating - comes with a high-density polyurethane float with stainless steel bracket and is fully adjustable for various directional flows. The combination of stainless steel and polyurethane provides a durable and long lasting product, even in salt water. Floating Aquasweep does not adjust down to the bottom to move muck. It is designed to create a strong surface current. The Dock Mount or Freestanding Aquasweep is designed for bottom maintenance.
  • Freestanding - comes with an 8 foot long post installs directly into the lake bottom along with a 4 prong ground mounting bracket to make it sturdy. Simply drive the post down into the lake bottom using the steel sleeve (included), then use the dock post mounting bracket to install the Aquasweep. This type of installation gives you the flexibility to move the unit to any location that depth allows or easily shared between home owners making it an even more affordable option!



When it comes to controlling what direction the unit is aiming its flow, you have a few options. The floating is the easiest, you simply place it in deep enough water (at least 3 ft) and in the direction you want

Fully Programmable Oscillator 360 - The Oscillator 360 can be added to a new or an already installed Aquasweep and allows you to program any radius you want, up to a full circle. Then plug it in and forget about it. The Aquasweep will repeat the program until you tell it to stop. We pre-program the Oscillator to rotate 360° in 20° increments every 20 minutes.

NOTE: The Oscillator 360 is optional accessory and can be added to "in-place" Aquasweep (not floating) and Scott's De-Icer models. This unit is made in the USA and comes with a two-year warranty.


EFFECTIVE RANGE - The range of this unit is estimated based on a number of variables. Performance may be reduced in deeper water, areas with steep drop-offs and obstructions like dock supports and boat lifts.  Any of the units  should always be powered off if swimmers are nearby .

Whether you are looking to clean up your lake bottom or the top of the water and algea covered areas, the high-velocity water propulsion pushes bottom or top debris 40 + feet in the direction you choose.



The unit comes standard with 50 ft of 12-gauge, submersible, power cord with a rugged Hubbell marine style plug included that will need to plug directly into a standard 110 volt receptacle protected by a GFCI. Extension cords should not be used. The distance from the Aquasweep to the electrical circuit breaker being used to power the unit  should not exceed 250' in total. See below illustration.



You will not need a permit. The Aquasweep is legal for use and purchase in all 50 states and Canada. Some states have regulations that make it unlawful to hydraulically excavate and forcefully uproot muck and vegetation. Setting the pump too close to the bottom of the body of water may have an adverse impact on the shoreline and aquatic life, which may be illegal in some jurisdictions including Minnesota. You should check with your local ordinances regarding any limitations on use.



  • DO NOT ADJUST WHILE IN OPERATION - Adjusting the position of the AquaSweep while in operation will cause the dock plate thumb screws to strip, resulting in permanent damage to the dock plate. Always disconnect power before adjusting the AquaSweep.


Made in the USA



Manufacturer: Scott Aerator
SKU: 16013
SEE Group
Motor HP: 1/3 HP
Motor RPM: 3450
Gallons Per Minute: 300
Model: 16013
Item Type: Water Cleaning
Accessory Type: Muck Blaster
Series: Aquasweep
Product Information
MinWaterDepth: 12"
MaxAmpDraw: 8 amps
Mount Style: Dock Mount
Power Requirement: AC 110V
Typically Ships: 5-15 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
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