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Classic Cedar 4' x 8' Dock Section

Manufacturer: ShoreStation

Item Type: Dock - Freestanding

Series: Classic Series

This Product is Discontinued.

ShoreStation Traditional 4' x 8' Classic Cedar Dock

Limited Availability Item

Nostalgic Western Red Cedar Dock sections offer a traditional rustic look to your lake front while utilizing the heavy duty A-frame supports for stability. These 4' x 8' sections feature beveled-edged cedar planks with matching soft rolled cedar sideboards.  These section allow you to apply your choice of stain or leave unfinished.


The versatile, modular design of Genuine ShoreStation Dock makes it easy to create thousands of different layout options. Flimsy, unstable dock can be a real hazard, so play it safe with rock-solid ShoreStation Dock. The A-Frame stance support design provides a wider base for a level of stability and safety you won't find in ordinary docks.



  • Keepin' it Simple - Everything about this dock has been engineered to be easy. ShoreStation accessories mount quickly and easily without tools. Sections lock together with a simple spring-loaded pin mechanism and the leg height can be adjusted without tools.

  • Easy Installation - Listen up all you do-it-yourselfers...the layout shown above can be installed by two people in less than one hour! The Byro Lock's cam-lock mechanism makes leg adjustments easy and requires no tools. Simply hold the section at the desired level and step down on the pad to set the leg height. The stainless steel teeth provide a safe, stable hold. To lower, just pull up the release lever.

  • Accessories Galore - The wide variety of accessories makes it easy to get creative and customize your ShoreStation dock layout. From functional items like lights, to decorative accents such as flagpoles...they're all designed to look right, fit right and work right! See more below.


One of the most popular features of the Genuine ShoreStation Dock is the wide variety of easily attachable accessories.Many accessories feature our patented “Quick-as-a-Click” connector which allows them to be installed or removed without tools.

  • Swivel Chair
  • Dock Bench
  • Aqua Steps
  • Shore Steps
  • Solar Dock Light
  • Flag Pole and Bracket
  • Vertical Rigid Poly Aluminum Bumps
  • Gear Tower
  • Dock Ladder (single mast and standard)

Constructed of the finest materials, these accessories are specially designed to be useful, as well as compliment the beautiful appearance of your dock.

End Date: 05/31/2023
Manufacturer: ShoreStation
Item Type: Dock - Freestanding
Part Type: Dock Section
Series: Classic Series
Product Information
For use with: ShoreStation Classic Dock
Frame Material: Western Red Cedar
Decking Material: Western Red Cedar
Section Width: 4'
Section Length: 8'
Design: Traditional Sectional
Compatible Section: WD-2 , WD-4 , WD-45L , WD-45R , WD-6 , WD6L-F2 , WD-8 , WD8L-F2 , WDL-F2 , WDM
Compatible Connecting Hardware: 66384 , DA-0068-00 , WDAC , WDC , WDC-8 , WDSC
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