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4' Traditional Crossarm Assembly

Product MPN: BLD-4ft-X-Arm

Model: BLD X Arm

Item Type: Dock - Hardware

Designed to Fit: 40" - 48" Wide Frame

On Sale For: $60.00

Conventional Crossarm Assemblies are one of the most commonly used dock section support setups used. They consist of a 2" OD aluminum crossarm pipe, two stringer brackets for dock attachment, and two crossarm clamps to be used in conjunction with 2" dock post.

Conventional crossarm assemblies make a connection between two vertical dock posts that support your dock section. With the use of the included stringer brackets the crossarm connects directly to your outside dock stingers. Conventional crossarm assemblies feature a simple yet very adjustable design. Crossarm clamps can be adjusted vertically along your vertical dock posts to reach your desired section height level. The stringers brackets are also adjustable across the horizontal cross bar for accommodation of various dock section widths.


  • Crossarm available in lengths up to 8'
  • All aluminum construction (except bolt hardware)
  • Easy to use and adjust design
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Accepts 2" OD Posts (not included)



  • 2" OD aluminum crossbar
  • Two stamped aluminum crossarm clamps
  • Two aluminum stringer brackets
  • Nut and bolt assembly hardware


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SKU: BLD-4ft-X-Arm
Base Group
Product MPN: BLD-4ft-X-Arm
Typically Ships: 2-5 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Model: BLD X Arm
Item Type: Dock - Hardware
Designed to Fit: 40" - 48" Wide Frame
Accessory Type: Crossarm Assembly
Product Information
Frame Material: Aluminum
Style: H-Frame
Mounting: Bolt On
Fits Post Size: 2" OD
Fasteners: Zinc Plated Steel
Includes Legs: No
Part Type: Dock Crossarm
Inside Stringer Distance: 10" - 48"
Stringer Distance Adjustable: Yes
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