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Lift Tech Marine Gen 2 DC 12/24v Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor-w/AutoStop, Remote & Bluetooth

Manufacturer: Lift Tech Marine

Load Capacity: 7,000

Model: LT-GEN2-DCH100

Item Type: Lift - Motors

Power Type: DC

Typically Ships: 2 - 3 Business Days

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Lift Tech Marine Generation 2 - DC 12v/24v Remote Lift Motor & Auto Stop

If you want the motor with all the bells and whistles, the Lift Tech Marine model LT-GEN2-DC100H is a key switch or remote operated direct drive boat lift motor that can be powered by either 12v OR 24v and also offers the ability to set an auto stop at your highest and lowest position. The motor will not travel past these points. The unit is easy and quick to install, Lift Tech Marine motor units available in AC and DC power options are packed with design features not found with competitors. 

NEW Phone App Remote Control -  Lift Tech Marine's new Phone App that allows you to control your boat lift motor from your phone. Simply install the app on your phone, sync your motor and phone through a Blue Tooth connection and away you go. The app is super easy to use and has a longer reach than the key FOB remotes (which are still included). This is a great addition to the already solid Lift Tech Marine line of boat lift motors.


Designed to fit a majority of manual operation freestanding lift manufacturers, this unit allows you to eliminate the hassle of turning that old round turn wheel. Once the Lift Tech motor is installed, it allows you to operate your boat hoist with the turn of a key or by the use of an optional corded push button pendant.

Lift Tech Marine Motor Units offered by are of the most recent model revision. Featuring the most up-to-date safety and design features including soft start, and backwind/overwind amp limit sensors of which are not found on other aftermarket lift motor options.



  • Equipped with NEW Auto Stop Programmable Feature
  • Low Maintenance
  • Key Switch, Key Fob Remote Operation OR the *NEW* Lift Tech Marine Remote Phone App
  • Equipped with Soft Start and Power Indicator LED
  • Runs on 12v or 24v DC
  • Backwind and Upper Amp Limit Sensor Protection
  • Designed and built to handle the elements, motor cover not required.
  • Heavy duty multi-tooth spline for a stronger connection to winch
  • Works on freestanding mechanical lifts up to 7000 lb. capacity
  • Easy and quick installation
  • 38 to 42 RPM on 12v system / 78 to 82 RPM on 24v system
  • Backup Bit for manual operation of the unit in the event of a power outage or system malfunction
  • 2 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects on all Lift Tech Marine motors.



The Lift Tech Auto Stop unit is designed to automatically stop the lift at user-defined upper and lower limits, preventing accidental over travel of the lift and any potential damage to the lift or boat itself. When the lift is commanded to go up and the lift reaches the upper limit, the lift will stop and will not allow any further upward travel. Likewise, when the lift is going down and the lower limit is hit, the lift will stop and not allow any further downward travel to occur.

If power is removed, the Lift Tech Auto Stop unit will remember the position limits, so when power is reapplied to the unit, it will function and limit as originally programmed. If for some reason the motor is moved (by use of back up bit) the position limits are no longer valid and need to be reprogrammed.


SHOULD I DO 12V or 24V?

This motor allows either 12v DC (single battery) OR 24v (two batteries in series) to be used to power the unit. Both options do the job, but the use of 24v actually doubles the speed of the motor and shortens the lifting time. We put together a video that you can watch above to show the difference below the two. With the motors, it does not matter if you decide to go 12v or 24v until you get the motor, BUT if you are purchasing a solar kit, you will need to determine how it is powered prior to ordering a kit. The 12v and 24v power options will require different solar panels.

Please note, if installing this unit on a boat lift with greater than 5,000lb of lifting capacity it is strongly recommended that a 24V battery configuration be used for proper performance. 



Canopy Light Option - The canopy lights offered by Lift Tech Marine are small but powerful and easily zip tie to a canopy bow on your canopy frame. The lights are constructed with a 3 LED light module (seen in the image to left) mounted to an aluminum bar roughly 12" in length. The light is pre-wired and plug directly into the lift tech motor. See images in the images scroller for this product.



  • LT-GEN2-DC100H Power drive unit
  • Choice of installation mounting hardware
  • Backup Bit
  • 2 Keys
  • 2 Key Fob Remotes


Installation Hardware Kits- Lift Tech offers a variety of hardware installation kits specifically designed for certain boat lift manufacturers. Hardware kits allow for the motor unit to attach to an existing mechanical reduction winch assembly. Lift Tech direct drive motors fit a majority of both new and old freestanding hoist manufacturers. During checkout please specify the brand of lift or winch model the motor will be installed on.


Fits Following Lift Brands - ShoreStation, Hewitt, Beach King, CraftLander (NuCraft), Daka, Dock Rite, Dutton Lainson 1200B, Dutton Lainson 2500/3500, Dutton Lainson B1200A, Dutton Lainson B1500A, Great Lakes Lift, Harbor Master, Lakeshore Products, Lakeside, Metal Craft, Newman, Northern Lights, Pier Pleasure, Port-A-Dock, RGC, ShoreMaster, ShoreMaster Whisper Winch, ShoreMaster Whisper Winch 2, ShoreMate, Summit, Feighner, Ridgeline and Vibo winch types.



  • Product ships via UPS
  • Product will require a signature upon delivery due to high cost
  • Tracking information will be provided via email when the shipper catalogs the pick-up
Manufacturer: Lift Tech Marine
Product MPN: DCRAS-G2
Quick Info
Load Capacity: 7,000
Model: LT-GEN2-DCH100
Operation: Remote & Key
Design: Direct Drive
Style: Direct Drive
Item Type: Lift - Motors
Part Type: Lift Motor
Accessory Type: Freestanding Lift Motor
Motor Type: Direct Drive - replaces large wheel on lift
Power Type: DC
Battery Type: 12V or 24V
Power Loss Backup: Back Up Bit that can be used with a drill to raise and lower lift
Power Requirement: DC 12V, DC 24V
Installation Specs
Anchoring Type: Freestanding Lift Motor
Typically Ships: 2 - 3 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Warranty: 2 Year Manufacture Warranty
Restocking Fee: Yes
Return for refund within:: 30
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