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Drive On Blocks

Load Capacity: Up to 5000

Model: Drive On Blocks

Item Type: Dock - Floating

Base Model Regular Price: $95.00


Drive On Blocks is an innovative modular docking system built to last and outperform any other dock building materials.  Drive On Blocks offer easy access to and from the water allowing you to safely protect your boat by storing it out of the water.  The back row or entering end of the dock system is submerged creating the perfect drive-on ramp for your boat.

Drive On Blocks are sold per block and each one comes with all necessary hardware so you will only need to order the correct number of blocks for your layout.  We will contact you prior to shipping to confirm the desired layout.  You will also need to tell us how many will need to be "Half Floaters."  We have provided the information below showing how to determine what you need.



  • Boats Slide On & Off with ease
  • Up to a 5000 lb Capacity
  • Extremely durable High-Density polyethylene is impact and perforation resistant, and totally safe - there are no sharp or cutting edges.
  • An environmentally friendly and totally recyclable product that does not pollute the environment, rot, splinter or rust.
  • It requires little or almost no maintenance and can be easily removed for cleaning at any time.
  • Patented cube design supports 220 lbs per Full cube 180 lbs per half cube.


    Full Floater - 19.2" x 19.2" x 16.5" individual block. These are the main blocks used to create your drive on platform. These blocks are only availble in the color gray and have connection loops on all four sides.
    Half Floater- 19.2" x 19.2" x 10" individual block. These are blocks with half the height of a standard Full Floater. These blocks are used where the center of the hull will rest with a standard hull and under each toon with a pontoon or tritoon.
    Connecting Pin - The name says it all....these are used to connect each block together. Once you are certain all of the blocks are aligned properly, begin inserting connecting pins. The connecting pins have two holes at the top, which are used to tighten the plug. Rotate the top of the plug so that it is roughly 45 degrees to the block, and press it into the hole. That easy!
    Strengthening Bars - The outer edge of the Drive On Blocks system is tied together with strengthening bars. This ties the outside edge of the blocks together. The right end of the protective bar is placed on top of the floater tongue and the left end of the protective bar then goes on the bottom of the tongue of the floater to the left. A plastic bolt and nut is then added when aligned to secure bar.
    Cleats - The cleats are important and are used to tie the unit into place to a dock, landing or in a slip. Each is installed on the outer edge anywhere two Strengthening Bars come together and replace the plastic bolt that would normally be used to hold the bars together and uses the nut.
    Winch Kit - A winch kit is available that assist in pulling your boat onto the platform and putting the boat back into the water from the platform. It is easy to power onto the platform for most boats, but some boats need a little help. This set up allows you to use the winch and a standard pulling winch to get the boat onto the dock. It also allows it to be used as a reversing winch using rope, a pulley and the same winch.


The easiest way to design your drive on platform is to is to start with the overall length and width of your boat. If you take the length of your boat in feet and multiply that times 12. This will give you the length of your boat in inches. Now take the length of your boat in inches and divide it by 19.2" and the result will be the number of blocks needed to create the necessary length platform for your boat. Then do the same thing for the width and determine the number of blocks needed. You can now multiply the length of blocks needed by the width of blocks needed to determine the total number of blocks needed to create your platform.


You will also need to let us know how many Half Floaters your design will require. If you purchase them directly off our website, simply use the drop down to inform us how many of your ordered blocks will need to be Half Floaters. All blocks come with necessary hardware.



Drive On Blocks are over 50% stronger than leading competitive products due to our patented connecting system and extra strength construction. Made of High-Density Polyethylene, a thick and durable plastic, our blocks are nearly twice as thick as the leading competitor. Our denser material provides more stability and prevent bowing, bending, and breaking.

Our Material Thickness - .3000"
Leading Competitor - .1700"

The patented technology offered for the floating Drive On Blocks has pins that lock 2 blocks together, providing up to 200 lbs of support for each plastic floating block. Each block of the floating boat docking system measures roughly 19.2 inches long by 19.2 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep. This unique connecting system reduces pressure on pins.

The easiest and recommended way to secure your system to a dock, landing or in a slip is to use 1/2” braided nylon rope attached to 2 or more of the provided cleats. In order to sink the last row, during installation simply use a garden hose to fill each block in the 1st row with water, being sure to remove all air. Install and tighten the bung plug so water will not escape. Extra strength cleats are included with each system so docking is a breeze.



    Prop Guard - Recommended for larger layouts.
    4" Guide Rail Set- includes mounting hardware.
    6" Guide Rail Set - includes mounting hardware.
    Stabilizer Bar - recommended for wide layouts to help distribute the weight.


  • Sold on an Individual Per Block basis
  • This product ships out common carrier freight
  • Please contact us for estimates on large, complex or multi-unit layouts
Typically Ships: 10 to 20 Business Days
Shipping Method: LTL Freight
Base Group
Product Information
Load Capacity: Up to 5000
Anchoring Type: Rope, Chain or Cable
Operation: Drive On
Watercraft Style: Kayak, Pontoon, PWC
Model: Drive On Blocks
Item Type: Dock - Floating
Lift Design: Drive-On, Floating, PWC
Dims (WxLxH): 19.2 x 19.2 x 16.5
Restocking Fee: Yes
Warranty: 5 Year Manufacture Warranty
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