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Single SUP Paddle Board Storage Rack

Manufacturer: CM

Item Type: Accessory - Toys

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Sometimes storing a Stand-Up Paddle Board can be challenging in both the summer and winter months and they are always in the way on a dock.  This new SUP Board storage rack works both on your dock and on the wall of your garage or shed and is available for a single or a pair of boards. The racks are designed to either fit over a 2" dock post or use one of the bracket options to attach to your dock. Then there is another bracket that can be mounted on a wall. With any of the options, the rack itself uses removable pins to attach to the dock post or bracket and can be easily removed and relocated. For a more permanent install, bolts and nuts can be used.



  • Thick Gauge Metal with Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • Works with Most Dock Systems
  • Low Profile Design makes it accessible from the dock or the water
  • Works both Inside and Outside
  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant 
  • Available for 1 or 2 Boards
  • Rack Stands 23.75" Tall
  • Double Rack Extends 21.75" Out Over Water


These easy to install attractively designed SUP paddleboard storage racks will slip over a 2" O.D. pipe.  A removable pin comes with the unit to keep the SUP rack orientated over water. You can simply remove the pins and swing the arms parallel to the dock for more boat mooring space along the dock. You can select a mounting bracket for a variety of installations.



You can view larger pictures of the mounting brackets in the images above. Mounting hardware does not come standard and must be added in the dropdown.


2" Dock Post Option - The Storage Racks are made to slip over the top of a 2" dock post. Simply place the rack over the post and drill a hole through the dock post corresponding to the rack holes. You will then use the pin and clip to make the attachment. So there is nothing further to purchase to mount these to your dock if you use this option.


Dock Mount Option - PB-100-500 - The Dock Mount option allows you to attach the bracket to both the side and top surface of your dock. Once attached to the dock, place the rack over the bracket and run the pin and clip through the hole to complete the attachment. This bracket also works for seawalls and custom structures. Dock Mount brackets come as a pair.


FLAT 6" DOCK FLAT MOUNT - PB-100-300 - Similar to the above dock mount option, this bracket attaches only to the side stringer of a dock, seawall or similar structure. If you do not want to attach down through the decking of a dock, this option provides a strong and secure way to attach to the side of a structure. Dock Mount brackets come as a pair.


Wall Mount Option - PB-100-400 - The Wall Mount option is for the cold months when the dock is removed and the SUP Boards are in the garage or shed. The bracket simply bolts into the wall and the rack slides over the bracket and uses the same pin and clip to make the attachment. Wall Mount brackets come as a pair.



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Manufacturer: CM
SKU: CMT-PB-100-100
SEE Group
Item Type: Accessory - Toys
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