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Wahoo Dock System Information

Manufacturer: Wahoo

Series: Cat 5

Item Type: Dock - Floating

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Wahoo Docks™ manufacturer of the highest quality, heavy-framed commercial and residential aluminum floating boat docks and gangways systems. Wahoo™ pioneered this design over a decade ago and has gained a worldwide reputation for building the finest quality dock systems available.

MAINTENANCE FREE, AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, DURABLE and VERY CUSTOM! Wahoo™ dock has been designed to suit a wide range of tastes, needs, regulatory requirements, and environmental conditions. Customers can personalize their docks through shape, colors, materials and other options to satisfy their particular needs and tastes, making it uniquely their own.

Wahoo™ has gone to great lengths to make the look of their docks as flexible as possible, as economically as possible. The look of almost any part of the structures can be changed while maintaining the maintenance-free experience.

Wahoo Boat Docks



Wahoo™ offers two different residential systems, the CLASSIC and the CAT 5 (see a comparison under the 'Specifications' tab). Each system is engineered with great value placed on the forces that affect a floating structure that is stressed 24/7. These systems incorporate more metal and reinforcements than competitive docks and are methodically designed to maximize the strength of the material used. And, as the pioneer of the heavy-framed aluminum dock, Wahoo's™ functional experience with aluminum dock is second to none.


    The dock layout or footprint is often the most critical element to a dock's utility and is generally driven by the expected boating or recreational needs of a user. A waterfront property owner with no boats and is seeking a dock for fishing,
    swimming or lounging purposes may opt for a Platform configuration. If one's expectations are to own one or two boats, a traditional Single or Double Slip may be more suitable because of the protection a slip can provide. Or even a Custom Slip
    to fit a PWC or odd shaped watercraft.

    As you can imagine, there are endless permutations around these basic layouts, but the vast majority of residential docks are based on the following layouts or footprints.

    Wahoo Dock Layouts


    Wahoo™ categorizes roof types into three fundamental styles - Gables, Hips and Upper Decks, shown in that order below. The most economical roofs are the Gables and the Hips and between these two options, the Hip roof offers slightly better protection from the elements. The Hip is also considered more attractive than the more cost efficient Gable roof.

    When additional recreational space is desired, especially when a larger water level footprint is not possible, our Upper Decks offer a great solution. Wahoo™ pioneered the Sun Deck with Gables style over a decade ago and today this style continues to stand as our most popular roof style (shown in 3rd image).

    Wahoo Roof Styles


    The method and quality of Anchoring on a floating dock is critical to its durability, longevity and maintenance requirements. For the most part, anchoring is intended to keep a floating dock in place and not for stabilization purposes (see 'Specifications' tab for more information about anchoring).




With the selection of colors and materials that Wahoo™ offers, a dock owner can add a particular style to their waterfront appearance. They have gone to great lengths to make the look of their dock as flexible as possible, as economically as possible.


  • Roof Colors - With over 18 colors to choose from, the roof panels are constructed of 26 gauge sheet metal and are designed to protect against color fading, extreme sun, and salt environments and to endure significant wind and snow loads.
  • Decking Options - Choose to deck your system in Wahoo's own AridDek™ waterproof deck system, IPE natural untreated hardwood, synthetic wood or even concrete.
  • Frame Options - Although the aesthetic features of the dock frame are important, the protection it provides a watercraft is similarly critical. Dock edging is most commonly used to protect a boat's hull from the frame and it can be used over the aluminum mainframe or, for a natural look, over IPE wrap.
  • Roof Poles - The look of the roof poles can be altered significantly by incorporating the natural finish of the marine-grade aluminum, wrapping the poles with IPE wood or powder coating the poles in an Antique Bronze paint.
  • Eaves - Eave appearance can be altered to keep a consistent look throughout the dock. A natural aluminum look is often matched with the natural look on the lower frame and poles. IPE Eave Wrap can be used when the lower frame and roof poles are wrapped in IPE. The Metal Eave Trim is often used to complement the Antique Bronze roof poles.
  • Railings - The railing system consists of 14 unique, proprietary extrusions and castings to create a solid, yet finished structure unlike any other. The entire system is made from marine grade aluminum for long lasting, maintenance free enjoyment and is available in three colors options.
Manufacturer: Wahoo
SKU: Wahoo Cat 5
Series: Cat 5
Quick Info
Section Width: Custom
Section Length: Custom
Design: Custom Floating
Item Type: Dock - Floating
Frame Spec
Frame Material: Aluminum
Decking Spec
Decking Material: Various
Anchoring Type: Various
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