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6,000 lb Aluminum Four Post Pile Mount Boat Lift with A-Drive Hoists

Manufacturer: BH-USA

Load Capacity: 6,000

Item Type: Lift - Piling

Construction: Marine Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

Designed to Fit: 8" Diameter or Larger Piling

Piling Size: 8" or larger

Our regular Price: $7,545.00
On Sale: $7,295.00
Configuration Price: $7,295.00


The 6000 lb capacity aluminum four post piling mounted boat lift has a no weld design and is constructed using Marine Grade 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. This unit comes standard with A-Drive hoists design with Elite 3/4 HP Stainless Steel C-Face Boat Lift Motors. Each motor is wired with a drum switch and GFCI and the ability to upgrade to Key FOB remote control.

​The 6000 lb capacity lift requires at least an 8" diameter piling an the lift comes standard with 4 aluminum pile mount brackets that are designed to be mounted to the inside of the piling. Pile mount brackets are included, long bolts to mount the brackets to the pilings are not. We find it easier to place the top beams on top of the pilings then mount the brackets, that way we know they will be level! 



  • (2) Completely Assembled 12′ 6″ Aluminum Top Beams with drive pipe and cable winders inside
  • (4) Aluminum Pile Mount Brackets (require at least an 8" diameter piling)
  • (2) 6" x 12′ 5″ Aluminum Cradle Beams with Brackets (custom cradle beam lengths available)
  • (2) 12' x 8" Aluminum Bunks with I-beam Flange Mounting Hardware
  • (2) 3/4 HP Motors with A-Drive Hoist Assemblies and A-Drive Hardware Kit
  • (4) 80″ PVC Guide Post Bumper with 6" I-beam Flange Stanchions and 48" Black Guide Post Bumpers



The 6000 4 Pile Boat Lift comes with instructions for installation, but the information below will also give you an idea of how the unit goes together and is installed.


TOP BEAMS - The top beams come fully assembled with the drive pipe and cable winders and are 12' 6" in length. The lift will include 4 aluminum pile mount brackets to mount the top beams and these brackets are to be mounted on the inside of the pilings. Un-level top beams can cause the hoist to scream and the lift to bind. We find it easier to place the top beams on top of the pilings then mount the brackets, that way you know they are level. The lift will also include 2 aluminum hoist mounting plates that will need to be mounted to the front of the beams, slots down.


MOTORS AND CONTROL - The lift is supplied with two electric motors, one motor will be wired with 16’ control and the other with 45’ control. Mount the motor with the longer lead on the pole furthest from the dock and run the 14/5 control wire through PVC to the other side of the slip, this will require you to remove the switch. Always use both drum switches side by side. Do not attempt to wire both motors into one drum switch. Your motors will get out of sync and you will have no way of adjusting them. The lift motor switches function in three positions: levers up to raise the lift, levers down to lower the lift and levers in the middle to stop the lift. The optional GEM remote allows for one switch control and comes with a leveling option built in.


A-DRIVE HOIST ASSEMBLIES - The A-Drive is a direct drive hoist option that uses a double worm gear reducer, meaning a C-face electric motor mounts directly to the small input worm reducer, and this in turn, powers the larger reducer that has the out-put shaft. The A-Drive is dependent on six press-in, rubber seals that keep the gear oil inside the gear housing.There is an output shaft on the larger reducer designed to except a hardened shaft of 1.25” diameter.The output shaft has a general mounting flange that can be bolted using four bolts to brackets designed to install the hoist to the lift.. 


CABLE DESIGN - The 6000 lb capacity lifts are straight line lifts which means the cable will end at the cradle beam and not double back to the top-beam. The I-beam clamp includes a stainless steel bolt and you simply remove this bolt and re-insert it through the pre-swaged loop at the end of the included cable. These are no-weld aluminum cradles and have I-Beam clamps bolted to the ends of each cradle.These can easily be removed so the I beam can be cut to size then re-bolted. All lifts come with 33 ft cable drops, for this lift, the cable will need to be cut.




The 6000 comes standard with a 12' 6" cradle length, but we can provide any length needed. If your pilings are already installed, it is very important to get an accurate CENTER TO CENTER measurement between the pilings. This measurement will determine the length of cradles you will want to order. If the center to center measurement is 12'' 6", then you will need a cradle length of 12'' 6". If correct width cradles are not installed there can be issues with how the unit operates. Please see illustration below.



Product assembly is required. It is recommended that this unit is assembled by experienced contractors or those experienced in boat hoist assembly and installation. Improper assembly and maintenance may void factory warranties. It is important to review and examine all assembly/use instruction guides prior to operation. 



  • This product ships out common carrier freight. Please add this product to your shopping cart and then enter your postal code for estimated shipping costs. 
  • Tracking information will be provided via email when the shipper catalogs the pick-up.
Manufacturer: BH-USA
SKU: 36469
Quick Info
Load Capacity: 6,000
Hull Bunk Type: 12′ x 8″ Aluminum Cradle Bunk
Operation: 2 Independent Manual Drum Switches or Remote Upgrade
Fasteners: Stainless Steel
Item Type: Lift - Piling
Construction: Marine Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
Designed to Fit: 8" Diameter or Larger Piling
Assembly Required: Yes
Lifting Design
Lift Design: Piling
Lift Operation: Electric Drive
Pipe Bearings: Bronze, 4 Per Top Beam
Drive Pipe: 1.9 OD x 1.5 ID HD Galvanized Schedule 40
Cradle Type: Flat Rack I-Beam
Cable Winders: Yes
Top Beam Length: 12.5 FT
Cradle Beam: 12.5 FT Long x 6 IN Tall x 4 IN Wide 6061-T6 Aluminum I-Beam
Hull Bunk Length: 12 FT
Frame Material: Aluminum
Cable Spec
Cable Diameter: 5/16"
Cable Material: Stainless Steel
Cable Length: 33 ft
Cable End One: Bare End
Cable End Two: Loop End
Number of Cables: 4
Limit Switch: Bracket Included, Limit Switch Optional
Motor Voltage: 120 Volts
Motor HP: 3/4 HP
GFCI Protected: UL, NEMA, GFCI Protected
Controller: 2 Drum Switch with Optional Remote Upgrade
Hoist Type: Two 4000 lb A-Drive Hoist Assemblies
Motor Type: Two Elite 3/4 HP Stainless Steel C-Face Motors
Controller Cable: 14/5 (1) 16 FT and (1) 45 FT
Installation Specs
Piling Size: 8" or larger
Piling Quantity: 4
Typically Ships: 3-5 Weeks
Shipping Method: LTL Freight
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