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LilliPad Diving Board

Manufacturer: LilliPad Marine

Model: LilliPad Diving Board

Item Type: Accessory - Toys

Load Capacity: 250

Construction: Aluminum

Typically Ships: 3-5 Business Days

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The Lillipad Marine Diving Board

The LilliPad Diving Board is the world’s only diving board specifically designed for mounting on a boat, but can also be used on a dock. This diving board is best used on pontoons, cruisers, houseboats and yachts and will now also work on heavy frame and permanent dock systems with adequate water depths. This Lillipad is compatible with most any boat over 18’ with a flat, solid surface for installation.

Lillipad's sleek and compact design means it can be fully removed from a boat or dock in less than two minutes and collapsed for storage if need be. The board offers multiple tension settings for lighter and heavier jumpers.

The LilliPad board doesn’t actually flex like most traditional boards, instead, the innovative design uses a spring in the framework to generate the movement and cancels out energy from the jumper. The boards are designed for use by children and adults, up to a maximum weight of 250 pounds, and are built to last. Each board is designed with a heavy aluminum wall extrusion, stainless steel hardware.



  • Works on most boats over 18'' long with solid flat surface to mount
  • Works on heavy frame and permanent dock systems
  • Designed with heavy aluminum wall extrusion
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Traction materials for a no-slip surface
  • Quick-Release pin to collapse board when not in use


  • Minimum Boat Length : 18''
  • Minimum Boat Width : 7''
  • Floor must be 3/4" Marine Grade Plywood or 3/5" Solid Fiberglass
  • Floor must not show signs of wear, rot or damage
Manufacturer: LilliPad Marine
SKU: 1001-UM 1001-UM
Base Group
Product MPN: 1001-UM
Model: LilliPad Diving Board
Item Type: Accessory - Toys
Accessory Type: Diving Board
Product Information
Load Capacity: 250
MinWaterDepth: 15
Attaching Hardware: Deck Mount or Underfloor Mount
Construction: Aluminum
Load Rating: 250
Typically Ships: 3-5 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
MFG Info
Manufacturer Website:
Warranty: 2 year Warranty
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