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12,500lb Capacity 4 Post Piling Mount Boat Lift by Magnum

Manufacturer: Magnum Lifts

Load Capacity: 12,500

Item Type: Lift - Piling

Lift Cradle Travel: 9

Power Type: 110 volt / 30 amp OR 220v / 15 amp

Construction: Galvanized Steel

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Optional E- Gear Upgrade
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The Magnum 12,500 lb capacity 4 post / piling mount boat lift is a heavy duty lift that uses an 8" tall galvanized steel I-beam cradle. This unit designed to afford maximum hull support while keeping a low profile appearance and includes an outside walkway. This design allows for easy access to your vessel because it is positioned inches away from your dock and there is no beam between you and the boat. The elevated outside walkway allows access to the non-dock side of your vessel for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The ''S'' model comes standard with brackets for timber bunks and a flat outside walkway and the "HD" model comes with a fully adjustable "I" beam bunking system to gently cradle your boat. The wood is not included to help keep shipping prices down. Your local installer will need to provide the wood for both the bunk caps and outside walkway. The worm gear driven winches are located on the dock side allowing for quick and easy maintenance. 



  • 8'' PVC Guide Stanchion (set of 4)
  • GFCI protected motors
  • Molded drive enclosures
  • Outside walkway - Elevated on HD Model (brackets only)
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • 2/3 year warranty
  • Stainless steel cables and sheaves
  • Bunk Kit - 16' I-Beams included with the HD Model
  • Optional Remote Controls
  • Optional E-Gear Drives



  • Capacity - 12,500 lbs
  • Motors - (2) 3/4 HP with 1750 RPM
  • Beams - (2) 8" x 4" x 15' Standard
  • Drive Units - (2) AMS 3000 Worm Gear Drives with Galvanized Backing Plates
  • Cradle Travel - 9' Standard
  • Required Power - 110 volt / 30 amp - 220 volt / 15 amp
  • Standard Controls - (2) Independent Manual Bremas Switches
  • Piling Requirement -  4 Pilings with an 8" minimum diameter
  • Piling Height minimum 18" above the deck


Our low profile design does not utilize an overhead power beam, allowing the operator free and easy access to the stored boat. We place both drive units on the dock side with NO underwater wiring*. This innovative feature allows the boat to be positioned next to the dock, easy maintenance of gear mechanism and inspection of cables.



The Magnum 4-Pile, 12,500lb comes standard with a 15' cradle beams. The standard cradle beam is designed to accommodate piliings with a 15ft center to center forward to aft, and starboard to port measurement.

If your pilings are already installed, it is very important to get an accurate CENTER TO CENTER measurement between the pilings. With existing pilings, it is possible that different size cradle beam may be required. The center to center measurement of your existing piles will determine the length of cradles you will want to order. If the center to center measurement is 14' 5", then you will need a cradle beams of 14' 5". If correct lengths are not installed there can be issues with how the unit lifts. Please see illustration below.



A Magnum Lift will:

  • Eliminate bottom painting
  • Save you time
  • Keep drive sections from corroding
  • Reducing hull damage from ice or wave movement and floating debris
  • Your boat will be easy to launch at your own pier any time, with no hassle



This product requires LTL freight delivery or local pickup from our location. Product assembly is required. It is recommended that this unit be assembled by experienced contractors, or those experienced in boat hoist assembly and installation. Improper assembly and maintenance may void factory warranties. It is important to review and examine all assembly/use instruction guides prior to operation.

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Manufacturer: Magnum Lifts
SKU: MAG12500
Shipping Information
Typically Ships: 2 to 5 business days
Shipping Method: LTL Freight
Load Capacity: 12,500
Item Type: Lift - Piling
Assembly Required: Yes
Frame Specs
Lift Cradle Travel: 9
Hull Bunk Type: Wood and Carpet with Galvanized Brackets (I-Beam with HD Model)
Hull Bunk Length: 16
Cable Specs
Cable Diameter: 3/16
Cable Material: Stainless Steel
Winch Specs
Motor Type: (2) 3/4 HP with 1750 RPM
WinchMounting: (2) AMS 3000 Worm Gear Drive (flat plate)
Power Type: 110 volt / 30 amp OR 220v / 15 amp
Lift Design
Operation: 2 Independent Manual Drum Switch
Construction: Galvanized Steel
Lift Design: Piling
Manufacturer Details
Product Manual: Magnum 12,500 S Manual OR Magnum 12,500 HD Manual
Application Suggestions
Typical Piling Spacing: 15' OC side to side
Piling Size: 8" or larger
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