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ShoreMaster 4' x 4' RS4 Dock Frame

Manufacturer: ShoreMaster

Product MPN: 1005988

Model: 1005988

Series: Infinity RS4

Item Type: Dock - Freestanding

Decking Panel Selector
Supporting Dock Leg Selector
On Sale For: $519.00

4'' x 4'' ShoreMaster RS4 Dock Frame

The 4'' x 4'' is a good filler section and works well with some platform configurations. Sections can easily be attached end to end, side to side or end to side to create any layout you desire. Adding 45° and 90° sections to the 4'' x 10'' sections allow you to go even further with your creativity. The dock frame includes stainless bolt hardware and two dock connection brackets. The connection brackets are very easy to install and once installed the first time, there is no need for tools during seasonal removal and install.

ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 sectional freestanding dock system is a popular choice among many waterfront owners. The sectional light-weight yet rigid all aluminum welded frame construction offers a unique style and design that is not commonly found in most sectional aluminum dock systems.


  • Unlimited Configurability
  • Light Weight Aluminum Design
  • Stainless Steel T-Handle Connections
  • Removable Decking
  • Strong 4" Side Rails with Fully Welded Ends
  • Easy to Customize - Quick Connect Accessory System
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners and Brass Fasteners
  • 11 Decking Options
  • 5 Sided Dock Posts provide 3 Point Contact

The RS4 line by ShoreMaster is one of the most customizable docking systems available today. RS4 Infinity systems offer several section sizes including the signature round curve dock sections allowing for curved transitions and round/oval shaped platforms not found with competitor systems. RS4 sectional dock features interior mounted leg pockets that keep your supporting legs inside the section footprint while allowing for a flush decking surface with no unsightly leg posts extending up past the decking.

Unlike most sectional dock systems, The RS4 Frame sections offer one of the widest selections of various drop-in decking options in the industry. Decking panels are available in several durable materials each with an unique appearance and finish.


Cedar Decking

Premium Cedar - ShoreMaster Cedar decking panels are made with more heartwood so you get decking that will last longer and look great with minimal maintenance. Nothing feels better to walk on than the soft, natural beauty of cedar decking. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels.

IPE Decking

IPE Hardwood - If you are looking for wood with very little maintenace and a beautiful look, this is your decking. IPE hardwood decking adds stability to your dock system due to the weight added to the dock with the density of this wood. IPE feels firm and stable under foot and its natural oils resist warping, insects and decay. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels.

Plain Aluminum Decking

Plain Aluminum - ShoreMaster offers a Plain Raw Aluminum decking option that is a lightweight, maintenace-free, incredibly durable dock surface that is perfect for work or play. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels.

White Aluminum Decking

Plain Aluminum - Powder-coated in brilliant white, you will get a clean, modern-looking surface that stays cool to the touch even on hot summer days. The treaded surface provides you with a safe, cool-to-the-touch decking option that is comfortable to walk upon. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels.

Tan Aluminum Decking

Tan Aluminum - The Tan Aluminum decking is among the more popular decking options offered for the RS4. Powder-coated in natural tan, you get an attractive decking option to complement your waterfront property. Tan aluminum decking features a treaded surface that stays cool to the touch and is comfortable to walk upon. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels..

Woodgrain Aluminum Decking

Woodgrain Aluminum - You are looking for that natural look of real wood but you want it to be maintenance free? Woodgrain aluminum decking give you just that. Woodgrain powder coated aluminum decking will not rot, twist, warp or decay so your dock will look like new year after year. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels.

Weathered Woodgrain Aluminum Decking

Weathered Woodgrain Aluminum - So you are looking for that natural look of real weathered wood but you want it to be maintenance free and with no splinters? ShoreMaster now offers beautiful Weathered Woodgrain aluminum decking panels that will not rot, twist, warp or decay so your dock will look weathered year after year. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels.

Flow Through Decking

Flow Through - Light weight and slip resistent, Flow Through is one of the easiest decking options to own because of the open concept of the design does not collect much dirt or debris which helps keep it clean. The slip-resistance surface is unmatched and allows you to safely enjoy your dock and comes in gray or tan. ShoreMaster did change this decking in 2017 to a different design, but we have both options available. Not available for 6'' x 8'' dock frames. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels..

Vertex Decking

Vertex - Exclusive to ShoreMaster, Vertex decking is a maintenance-free decking option that is truly unique. The decking has a flagstone pattern and feels smooth on bare feet. It is incredibly slip resistant and once you have walked on Vertex decking, you won''t want anything else. The 4'' x 4'' frame requires two panels.

Each panel is specifically designed to fit the RS4 Corner Dock Frame. The panel uses plastic clips with stainless steel screws to lock into position.


  • This product requires LTL freight delivery or local pickup from our location
  • Product assembly is required
  • Product requires 7 to 10 days to ship

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Manufacturer: ShoreMaster
SKU: 1005988
Base Group
Product MPN: 1005988
Typically Ships: 7 to 10 Business Days
Model: 1005988
Series: Infinity RS4
Dims (WxLxH): 49" x 126" x 4"
Side Stringer Size: 4"
Restocking Fee: Yes
Quick Info
Section Width: 4
Section Length: 10
Design: Freestanding Sectional
Fasteners: Stainless/Brass Combo
Item Type: Dock - Freestanding
Part Type: Dock Frame
Base Pads: Aluminum Base Pad
Fits Post Size: ShoreMaster 5-Side Legs
Warranty: 15 Year Structual
Part Compatibility
Compatible ShoreMaster Decking: ShoreMaster 2'x45" or 1'x45" Panels
Section Connect Hardware: T-Handle Connector Clip (2)
Compatible Accessory Bracket: RS4 QC Accessory Bracket
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