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Traditional 3' Wide H-Frame with 7' Legs-3' x 7' H-Frame Support

Product MPN: BLD-36x84H-Frame

Material: Aluminum

Model: BLD-36x84H-Frame

Item Type: Dock - Leg Stand

Designed to Fit: 36" Wide Frame

Series: LakeFront Fix

Product Size
On Sale For: $148.00

Boat Dock Traditional 36" wide H-Frame support for dock sections up to 36" wide. Constructed from 2" circular aluminum pipe with .090" wall thickness. The all aluminum support provides a corrosion resistant and light weight support that is very adjustable.

  • All STAMPED ALUMINUM Components 
  • Adjustable stringer brackets that move back and forth across the cross-arm
  • Fully adjustable cross-arm clamps allow easy up and down leveling with 9/16" socket or wrench.
  • 36" Max Width cross-arm assembly
  • Turn hole to assist with auger installation
  • All aluminum with zinc plated fastener


  • 2 Capped 2" OD Aluminum Posts / Legs
  • 1 Cross-arm 2" OD Alumium
  • 2 Cross-arm Clamps
  • 2 Stringer Brackets
  • 2 - 7.5" base pads, 12" x 12" base pads OR aluminum augers



Dock Base Pad7.5" x 7.5" aluminum bottom plates work well in sand and other solid lake bottoms. Not recommended for extremely deep mud or muck.


Large Dock Base Pad12" x 12" aluminum bottom plates provide a larger footprint for the leg and works better in area with softer lake bottoms, may not work well in extremely deep mud or muck.


Dock AugerAluminum Augers are recommended from supports that will have boats or watercraft tied to it. Augers make installing the support more work than using just bottom plates. The auger helps to anchor the dock to the lake bottom. You can also use a combination of base pad and auger for maximum support.

  • Please contact us for all supports with legs longer than 9'
  • Suggested dual cross-arm if additional lateral stability is desired in taller supports



SKU: BLD-36x84H-Frame
Base Group
Product MPN: BLD-36x84H-Frame
Typically Ships: 2-5 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Product Information
Adjustable Leg Size: 7'
MaxWaterDepth: 6'
Frame Material: Aluminum
Style: Traditional H-Frame
Mounting: Bolt On
Fits Post Size: 2" OD
Fasteners: Zinc Plated Steel
Foot Pad Size: 7.5" or 12"
Material: Aluminum
Includes Legs: Yes
Part Type: Complete Dock Support
Inside Stringer Distance: 36"
Stringer Distance Adjustable: Yes
Leg Post Length: 7'
Model: BLD-36x84H-Frame
Item Type: Dock - Leg Stand
Designed to Fit: 36" Wide Frame
Accessory Type: H-Frame Support
Series: LakeFront Fix
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