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ShoreMate 4500 lb Cantilever Hydraulic L4500H

Manufacturer: ShoreMate

Load Capacity: 4,500

Item Type: Lift - Freestanding

Inside Opening: 120" Inside Width

Lift Cradle Travel: 48

Power Type: 12V DC Hydraulic Pump

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Our regular Price: $8,975.00
Configuration Price: $9,779.00


The ShoreMate Hydraulic Boat Lift is a reliable, versatile and durable freestanding, all aluminum cantilever boat lift. The ShoreMate hydraulic features a heavy-duty marine grade aluminum frame design that uses extrusions that are thicker and more robust than the competition. ShoreMate offers units can support all different types of boats up to 30,000 lbs and have become popular due to lifting speed and ease of use. Lift your boat with the touch of a button in a matter of seconds!



  • 4500 lb. Max Lifting Capacity
  • 120" Max Beam
  • 48" Lift Height
  • Two 2.5" Hydraulic Cylinders
  • 10' Pivoting Vinyl and Aluminum Hull Bunks
  • Stainless Steel Cylinders with Brass Scrapers
  • 36" Adjustable Legs Standard
  • Hand Control Unit w/ Extended Cord
  • Lockable and Durable “Poly Hopper” for Pump and Battery Storage
  • Minimum Water Depth is 18" plus the Draft of Boat
  • 2 Year Mechanical and Lifetime Structural Limited Warranty



ShoreMate has been building cantilever hydraulic lifts since 1992 and has perfected their design.


The lifting system is run by a 12v hydraulic pump with environmentally safe biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Each hydraulic pump is equipped with a wired remote with a 6' cord (longer cords available). A Key FOB Wireless Remote option is also available for this unit and gives you the ability to power the lift from inside the boat. The allows you to bring the bunks up just enough to stabilize the boat making it easier to exit. You can then fully raise your boat with the corded or wireless remote.



When it comes to supporting your boat, the bunk configuration is key and ordering the correct kit is a must. ShoreMate offers multiple bunk options for their hydraulic lifts allowing many different hull types to be supported...even pontoons and tritoons.

  • Standard Hull Bunk - The standard bunk option includes a set of aluminum rails with a thick, black, non-marring cap that provides a great resting spot for your boat. This option works best for ski boats, wakeboard boats, cruisers, deck boats and center consoles. The bunks are fixed to the top of the cantilevering uprights of the lifts and do not offer any adjustment.
  • Pontoon Kit Center Lift - This option lifts the pontoon from the underside of the deck and is really the easiest set-up to park a pontoon on almost any lift. The rack can be adjusted so that it cradles the boat between the toons and keep the boat from making contact with the canopy uprights. 
  • Pontoon Kit Bunk Style - The Pontoon Kit Bunk Style provides two independent sets of hull bunks that lift from beneath the toon itself. The kit includes aluminum runners that attach to the uprights on the lift. At the end of these runners, there is a cross member that allows the bunks to be attached at each end. So you end up with a cradle that your bunks can attach to.
  • Tritoon Kit - The Tritoon Kit is similar to the pontoon option and uses the cross members that allows the bunks to, but this option includes a third set of hull bunks for the center toon. 



ShoreMate canopies are constructed out of the same marine grade aluminum as the lifts. The canopy covers are made out of Harbor Time, an 11 oz. acrylic coated polyester that is water, mildew and UV resistant. These covers are lighter weight than the vinyl option other lifts brand offer. **Canopy Option Sold Separately**


The Standard ShoreMate Canopy Kit consists of a 27" deep framework and a cover with an 8" scalloped skirt. A canopy leg kit is also required for hydraulic lifts that adds the necessary height to the leg in order to mount the canopy frame on the lift. These legs are also fairly easy to remove once installed if you store the lift below the ice in the winter.




The Wake Board Tower Canopy adds 60" of additional drop to the canopy frame. This does not just work well for boats with towers, but rather any boat that you would like to completely cover when not in use. With this set-up, it's virtually a garage on the water. Doors can be added to the canopy curtain where desired.




ShoreMate offers a few different guide options. Which guide you choose can really be determined by the boat being parked.


These are the vertical load guides and there are a total of four in the set, two go on the rear and two on the front of the bunks. They are aluminum uprights with poly bumpers where they make contact with your boat and are adjustable in and out and up and down. These guides attach just below the bunks and move with the cradle. They also do not remove decals off boats as carpeted guides can.



This is Full-Length Guide option for the ShoreMate Hydraulic lifts which is basically a 2x6 poly composite that will not splinter and there is no need for carpet.  These guides mount to lifts without canopies using adjustable vertical brackets constructed of aluminum and U-boat to the lower framework. If the lift has a canopy, the      On the L4500H these are 



Below are other optional accessories that can be added to the hydraulic.

  • Longer Legs - Longer legs can be added to the lift for deeper water up to 6' in length. Longer than 6' legs are available but require a bracing kit. Please contact us for longer than 6' extension legs to discuss.
  • Solar Panel & Mounting Bracket - A solar panel or a solar panel and mounting bracket can be added to keep the 12v power supply charged. Panels come in 10 watt or 20 watt and are prewired. A bracket can be included for lifts with canopies that allows you to mount the panel above the canopy.
  • Lift Transport - This set-up includes axles welded to the foot pads and give you a four-wheel option to get the lift out. This set-up works best if you can go straight in or out. Turning can be challenging.


Manufacturer: ShoreMate
SKU: L4500H
Load Capacity: 4,500
Item Type: Lift - Freestanding
Assembly Required: Yes
Lift Design
Operation: Hydraulic
Watercraft Style: Single Hull
Lift Design: Cantilever, Freestanding, Hydraulic
Hydraulic Cylinder(s): Two
Frame Specs
Inside Opening: 120" Inside Width
Lift Cradle Travel: 48
Adjustable Leg Size: 36 in Standard
Hull Bunk Type: Multiple Options
Hull Bunk Length: 10'
Frame Material: Aluminum
Fasteners: Stainless Steel
Foot Pad Size: 16x8
Winch Specs
Power Type: 12V DC Hydraulic Pump
Power Requirement: DC 12V
Lift Operation: Hydraulic
Application Suggestions
Anchoring Type: Freestanding
Watercraft Weight (Wet): 2,400 - 2,900, 2,900 - 3,400, 3,400 - 3,900
Compatible Models
Canopy Support Legs: Required for Canopy Addition
Shipping Information
Typically Ships: 4 - 6 Weeks
Shipping Method: LTL Freight, Pickup
Return Policy
Restocking Fee: Yes
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