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ShoreStation 50/60 FlexPower Motor Winch Assembly

Manufacturer: ShoreStation

Model: 7104803

Item Type: Lift Part - Winch

Series: FlexPower

Power Type: FlexPower DC

Typically Ships: 15-25 Business Days

Our regular Price: $5,251.00


ShoreStation FlexPower systems provide power source flexibility to ensure optimal boat lift performance time after time. This complete winch update kit allows for the replacement of ShoreStation manual turn wheel winch assemblies found on certain hoist models. Unit also replaces older style EDS lift models.  Unit is compatible with specific ShoreStation hoist models. Please refer to the "Specs" tab above for model compatibility. 



FlexPower®  winch power drive system is currently used for all new ShoreStation EDS lifts. This DC option offers more speed and reliability, and ultimately provides power source flexibility to ensure safe and optimal boat lift performance time after time. No more worrying about compatibility or whether your lift will perform safely within load limits.

This electric drive unit with a fully-integrated motor and winch combo replaces existing manual turn crank winch assemblies found on particular ShoreStation models. The lifts come standard with two water resistant multi-functional remote transmitters (image C below) and a convenient dockside rocker switch (image B below) that features a lockout key that prevents unintended lift operation.

The winch drum is designed to ensure a single wrap and incorporate a grooved winch drum (image A below) to organize and help minimize cable contact that causes cable wear. The EDS system also features a back-wind sensor and adjustable upper limit switch that stop platform at any desired height.


The FlexPower® system allows the user to choose from three power sources to recharge the battery. One power source can even be used to back-up another and you can choose a 12v or 24v system.


Battery Tender - Standard on all FlexPower® systems is this fully automatic and microprocessor controlled Battery Tender. It will quickly charge the battery and then switch to float/maintenance mode to protect the battery. This charges and maintains your battery using 110 volt AC power source if available.

Solar Battery Charging System - This option eliminates the need for a 110 volt AC power supply and utilizes a 20 watt solar charging system with a regulator to prevent battery drain and protects the battery from the permanent damage caused by overcharging. This is the most convenient way to charge your 12v or 24v system.

Boat Battery Power Cord - This option uses the boat battery to 'boost' the lift battery by simply plugging them together.


  • This product requires oversized shipping.
  • Unit is compatible with specific ShoreStation hoist models.
  • Please refer to the "Specs" tab above for model compatibility.
  • Tracking information will be provided via email when the shipper catalogs the pick-up. 
Manufacturer: ShoreStation
SKU: 7104800
Base Group
Product MPN: 7104800
Model: 7104803
Item Type: Lift Part - Winch
Part Type: Lift Motor
Accessory Type: Direct Drive Winch Assembly
Series: FlexPower
SEE Group
Operation: Remote & Key
Style: Direct Drive
Power Type: FlexPower DC
Battery Type: 12V or 24V
Return for refund within:: 30
Product Information
Fasteners: Stainless/Brass Combo
Lift Design: Electric, Freestanding, Manual, Vertical
Power Requirement: DC 12V
Typically Ships: 15-25 Business Days
Shipping Method: LTL Freight
Restocking Fee: Yes
ShoreStation Models
ShoreStation Model(s): SS-V50108, SS-V50108-EDS, SS-V50120, SS-V50120-EDS, SS-V60108, SS-V60108-EDS, SS-V60120, SS-V60120-EDS
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