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CraftLander 22'x108" HighTop Frame

Manufacturer: CraftLander

Model: CL-CF22108-hightop

Item Type: Lift - Canopy Frame

Designed to Fit: CraftLander

Typically Ships: 2 - 3 Weeks

Width Option
Length Option


This is a 22' x 108" High Top Craftlander Aluminum Canopy Frame and can be used with any Craftlander lift with a 108" inside width and comes with the complete canopy frame and standard 48" canopy legs.

 If your boat has a tower or tall canopy as part of its design you should seriously consider the 'tower end bow' canopy option.  This specially designed end bow for the Craftlander high-top canopy frame is welded specifically to allow watercraft with large towers like wakeboard boats, boats with ski towers, and pontoon boats to enter and exit the lift with ease.  The tower end bow's lower frame tube has been raised and welded well above the rest of the canopy frames lower frame tube.  This gives you much more room coming in and out of the lift.  Since your canopy legs don't have to be raised as high to enter or exit you can tuck your towered boat up into the high-top frame even more for far superior coverage when the boat is being stored.

If you order a new canopy cover to match the frame with a 'tower end' your cover will come with 'zippered ends'.  This means the rear face of the cover at the entrance to the lift will have two verticle zippers to 'zip-up' the rear panel when entering and exiting the lift.  In conjunction with the tower end bow, this solves most height issues when storing your towered watercraft while maximizing boat coverage when the boat is being stored on the lift.

If the height of the frame is still an issue then we then recommend upgrading to 66" XL canopy legs which will give you another 18" of height with which to get the lift in and out of.


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  • Fits Craftlander Lifts with 108" inside width
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 'Tower End' Optional
  • 66" XL Canopy Leg Optional



  • Side Frames
  • Hoop Bundle
  • Hardware Box
  • 48" Standard Leg Set (can upgrade to 66" XL canopy legs)


Canopy Support Leg Note: This canopy frame and its support legs are designed for installation on an existing Craftlander boat lift. The included support leg bundles are pre-drilled for height adjustment. Each leg bundle contains three non-winch column support legs and one winch column support leg. The winch column support leg is intentionally designed to be slightly shorter than the non-winch column support legs. Additionally, it features a machined slot to allow for the boat lift winch to remain in place during installation, eliminating the need for its removal.

FRAME KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE A CANOPY COVER. Covers are available in several materials and colors designed to fit this frame and can be added under the "canopy cover options" drop-down menu on this product page. 



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Manufacturer: CraftLander
Base Group
Product MPN: CL-CF22108-hightop
Model: CL-CF22108-hightop
Item Type: Lift - Canopy Frame
Designed to Fit: CraftLander
Frame Specs
Adjustable Leg Size: 48"
Frame Material: Aluminum
Mount Style: Lift Column Mount
Fasteners: Zinc Plated Steel
Canopy Width: 108"
Canopy Length: 22ft
Canopy Support Legs: Included
Cover Specs
Attaching Hardware: Included
Typically Ships: 2 - 3 Weeks
Shipping Method: LTL Freight, Pickup
Restocking Fee: Yes
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