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ShoreStation Freestanding Classic Sectional Dock

Manufacturer: ShoreStation

Item Type: Dock - Freestanding

Series: Classic Series

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The ShoreStation Sectional Dock is an extremely versatile system that is very comfortable to walk on, easy to install and works for almost any type of lakefront. ShoreStation recently released their newest dock section models that now feature an all aluminum and power-coated deck and side board construction available in two color tone options. While maintaining many of the core qualities of their time tested classic sectional dock, they have improved the section design with a continued focus on a easy to use, maintenance free dock with increased strength and stability, more versatilely for layout configurations. Prior to the newest all aluminum section release the Classic dock system was once available in three model options; Nostalgic Cedar (all cedar), Aluminum with Cedar Side Boards and Aluminum with EON®. While these three classic models are still available by special order, ShoreStation will be phasing out the regular production of these models and moving towards a focus of the newest addition of the all aluminum sections. They continue to offer a wide variety of accessories that makes it easy to get creative and customize your dock layout. We have provided more information about each section style below along with available accessories.

ShoreStation Classic Dock is a free-standing dock system and the foot pads on each of the legs simply rest on the lake bottom. This allows the dock to work in difficult installation conditions such as steep drop-offs and rocky, uneven bottoms. The various leg frame and extension leg combinations allow the dock to install in water depths up to 12'.



  • Painless & Tool-less Install
  • A-Frame Support provides Unmatched Stability
  • Aluminum Decking
  • Modular Design
  • Accessories Galore
  • Works in Water up to 12' Deep
  • Simple or Unique Layouts


You want your dock to be able to grow and adapt to fit your family and lifestyle. The modular design of Genuine ShoreStation Dock gives you the versatility to rearrange your sections and create different layouts from season to season. Dock sections and new accessories can be added as you go.

The ShoreStation Classic Sectional Dock welded deck sections are All component parts are constructed of high-quality materials from the galvanized steel leg frames to the stainless steel spring loaded locking pins. Everything for this dock system is designed with durability in mind.


NEWLY RELEASED - ALL ALUMINUM - TWO COLOR TONE OPTIONS - The newest dock section model offered by ShoreStation. The all aluminum sections are as maintenance free as they come. Available in two color tone models; Beige & Brown or Light & Dark Gray, the aluminum decking is coated with a durable powder paint that provides a non-skid finish that is cool to the touch. The power-coated aluminum side boards provide a sleek contrast to the lighter tone decking. These dock sections are designed to endure the elements, our power-coated aluminum planking and sideboards offer unmatched durability and color that lasts for countless summers on the water. 

ALUMINUM & EON® - As of 2023 this model offering being phased out of regular production by ShoreStation. Limited availability item, special order only!
The EON® and Aluminum sections are low maintenance. The aluminum decking is coated with a durable sand-beige powder paint that provides a non-skid finish that is cool to the touch. The side boards utilize EON Marine, a 100% synthetic material that offers the beauty of natural wood without all the maintenance. This combination creates dock sections with no splinters, sharp edges, nails or screws. Safe and smart!

ALUMINUM & CEDARAs of 2022 this model offering being phased out of regular production by ShoreStation. Limited availability item, special order only!
The Cedar and Aluminum sections offer low maintenance design with a bit more rustic/traditional look. The decking is the same durable sand-beige powder paint that provides a non-skid finish that is cool to the touch while the side boards keep the old school wood dock look with beautiful western red cedar with a soft rolled edge. Still comfortable to sit on the side of your dock and kick your feet in the water. 

NOSTALGIC CEDAR - As of 2022 this model offering being phased out of regular production by ShoreStation. Limited availability item, special order only!
If you like the old school wood dock look, the Nostalgic Cedar is your dock. These sections use western red cedar for both the deck and the side boards. They feature high quality, beveled-edged cedar planks for the decking with matching side boards with a soft rolled edge. You can choose to stain this dock, or leave it unfinished for the natural graying look. Either way you will be amazed by the durability of the western red cedar. 


Stability to some is the most important feature of a dock system and sometimes it can be challenging to create a stable freestanding dock especially in deep water. ShoreStation has designed their supports for this dock with an A-Frame stance, so the deeper you go the wider the support becomes. This A-Frame design provides a wider base for a level of stability that you won't find with "straight leg" support designs. The dock support system is made up of three different components per support; the heavy duty galvanized steel leg frame with A-Frame design (#4 in above image), two aluminum legs with welded base pads (#5) and the galvanized steel brace with stainless steel clip (#6). The leg frames are now also available in aluminum as of 2017, but we still highly recommend the galvanized steel frame. The extra weight of the support helps to provide a very stable and sturdy dock. 

So many dock brands claim on the market to be the easiest dock system on the market to install and remove from the water. Yet many other brands come up short in comparison. The ShoreStation Sectional Dock is one of the only TRUE Tool-less install, adjustment and removal dock system. The mounting channel of the new section rests in the channel of the existing section. Once the two sections are in place, simply release the spring-loaded Dock Lever Locks and the two sections become one. Need to adjust leg height? just grab the spring loaded leg lever found on each side of the leg frame, set your height and release. No more lost tools or nuts & bolts on the lake bottom!  Most the in water Do-it-yourselfers and professional dock installers (including BL&D) both agree that Genuine ShoreStation Dock is a breeze to install and remove. Whether you prefer to work from the dock or in the water, complete layouts can be installed in half the time of many ordinary dock systems.

ShoreStation Dock Support
ShoreStation Dock Support
ShoreStation Dock Support


The versatile, modular design of Genuine ShoreStation Dock makes it easy to create unique and functional layouts that work with your other lakefront equipment. 



Another popular feature of the Classic Dock is the wide variety of easily attachable accessories. Most of the accessories use ShoreStation patented "Quick as a Click" connector which allows them to be installed to the leg frame of the dock without the use of tools. The connection to the leg frame is very solid and the accessories are designed to be useful as well as compliment the beautiful appearance of your dock.

Swivel Chair (#13) - Ideal for fishing or just keeping an eye on the kids. Constructed of beautiful Trex material to match your dock, this 22" wide chair features 360° swivel action and built-in cup holders. The maintenance-free material will not splinter or rot and will look like new for years to come.This accessory uses the "Quick as a Click" connector.

Bench (#12) - A cozy bench built for two. This 4’ and new 6’ wide bench is constructed of beautiful Trex material and features built-in cup holders. The maintenance-free material will not splinter or rot and will look like new for years to come. The Bench is design to sit and mount on the top of the dock.

Aqua Step (#15) - This mini-version of our popular Shore Steps is the easiest way in and out of the water. The narrow width and sturdy hand rails make it perfect for kids, seniors and even the family dog. The adjustable parallelogram design allows it to fit a variety of dock heights. Now with maintenance-free aluminum steps.

Shore Step (#16) - Create a stylish and safe entryway to your dock with the matching Shore Steps. Available in your choice of 5 or 8-step configurations, Shore Steps feature maintenance-free aluminum steps and an adjustable parallelogram design to fit a variety of inclines. Just like our dock, these steps are specially designed for easy installation and removal.

Paddle Board & Kayak Storage Rack - Simply rest the paddle board or kayak on the rack and fasten with the two easy-release securing straps, ensuring your craft is quickly accessible for your next adventure. Perfect for the marine environment, our sturdy aluminum platform ensures your craft rests safely above the water, while the non-marring poly material also protects against surface damage. Uses the "Qucik as a Click" connector.

Solar Dock Light (#10) - Our new solar version of the popular Dock Light is simply brilliant- in many ways! It shines much brighter than solar lights you're used to seeing- in fact, it emits as much light as a 40-watt bulb. And it's all powered thanks to the hi-tech solar panel, which means no wiring, no expense, no worries! This unit can be dock mounted, freestanding (Solar Shore Light) or paired with a gear tower. The dock mount and the gear tower solar light combo use the "Qucik as a Click" connector.

Flag Pole and Holder - Dress up your dock and show your patriotic or team spirit. This unit comes complete with double harness for flying two flags and extends to a maximum height of 20 foot. This accessory uses the "Qucik as a Click" connector.

GlidePole Adjustable Dock Bumper - The GlidePole quickly adjusts vertically for various boat heights and water depths with the NEW T-Slot design. The aluminum core with UV stable poly sheath are sure to protect your boat while absorbing shock. This accessory uses the "Quick as a Click" connector that mounts diectly to leg frames.

Gear Tower (#11) - Keep your dock clean and organized with our handy Gear Tower. The large table top is perfect for drinks, a radio, or even for cleaning fish. Life jackets, tow ropes, and towels hang neatly on the heavy-duty storage hooks. This accessory uses the "Quick as a Click" connector.

Dock Ladder (#14) - This maintenance-free aluminum ladder features a textured powder-coat finish that provides better traction and is cooler to the touch than steel or wood. The snap-button adjusting mechanism allows it to be raised or lowered in seconds, without tools. This accessory uses the "Qucik as a Click" connector.

Single Mass Ladder - Getting in and out of the water has never been easier! This convenient ladder installs in seconds without tools and the patented "Quick-as-a-Click" connector makes it easy to move or remove. Staff Review

 BW remarks -  Quality construction, one fastest setup and break down systems available for freestanding dock, easy, super quick tool-less leg height adjustment system with stability results not easily matched by others. 

      Conclusion: About as good as it gets when it comes to freestanding lake docks at a balanced price point. Once you install one, you will know how much easier it is compared to others. 

Manufacturer: ShoreStation
Item Type: Dock - Freestanding
Part Type: Overview
Series: Classic Series
Product Information
Decking Material: Aluminum - Powder Coated
Section Width: 4', 6'
Section Length: 8', 10'
Leg Adjustment Style: Tension Lever
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