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Aluminum & Cedar 4' x 8' Dock Section

Manufacturer: ShoreStation

Item Type: Dock - Freestanding

Series: Classic Series

Typically Ships: 5-8 Weeks

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This Product is Discontinued.

4' x 8' Aluminum and Cedar style ShoreStation Dock

Limited Availability Item

Since 1959 the ShoreStation name has stood for top-quality boat lift and dock systems. That proud tradition continues today with innovative products like the ShoreStation Dock. The low maintenance 4' x 8' Aluminum and Cedar style ShoreStation Dock system is decked with aluminum planking coated with a durable, sand-beige, powder paint and the non-skid finish is cool to the touch even in direct sunlight! The side boards are soft rolled Western Red Cedar that gives the dock a little of a rustic look for those who like the look of a traditional wood dock. The dock looks great and is very comfortable to walk, sit or lounge upon. 

The versatile, modular design of Genuine ShoreStation Dock makes it easy to create thousands of different layout options. Flimsy, unstable dock can be a real hazard, so play it safe with rock-solid ShoreStation Dock. The A-Frame stance support design provides a wider base for a level of stability and safety you won't find in ordinary docks.



  • 4' x 8' Section Size
  • Tan Powder Coated Aluminum Decking that provides a comfortable walking, sitting or lounging surface
  • Soft Rolled Cedar Side Boards
  • Easiest System to Install, Adjust and Reconfigure!
  • Full Line of Quality Accessories (see list below)
  • A-frame designed Leg Frame provides unmatched stability




Each section requires a single support which consists of a galvanized steel leg frame, 2 aluminum legs with base pads and a diagonal brace. When creating a dock layout, each section has a single support and this support is used to connect the dock sections end to end. Each support has a 'Lip' that the next section attaches to and that section uses spring loaded pins to lock into tools required!


Standard End Section - The standard end section is the section you will use most with most dock layouts created. This section includes the 'Hook' end that attaches to the lip on the previous dock section. This is repeated to create the straight run of the layout. This section is also used to change direction or run perpendicular to another dock section. The only time this section is not used is when the first section of the dock is sitting on the ground or when you create a platform with sections running parallel to each other, then the hook is not needed. Finishing or end caps cannot be used easily with this end of the section. 


Double Leg Section - The 'Double Leg End' or Starter section is set up so that a leg frame can be used on either end of the section...there is no 'hook'. This section is the best option when you are starting your dock on the grass, beach, seawall or any other shoreline where the dock section will just rest on the ground. You can then add a finishing cap to the start of that section giving a more completed look. This section is also used in platforms when sections are placed side by side and allows a leg frame to be used on both sides and supporting both ends of that section. And finishing caps can then be added to both ends of the section. This section can also be used as freestanding. 


Hook and Lip Connection - The image to the left should give you a better idea of how the sections come together. There are heavy duty spring loaded pins on the hook end of the section that are used to connect the two sections and keep them locked together. They are very easy to use and very strong!




When choosing your leg frame and leg, it is important to know how the combination works together. Any of the leg frames will accept any of the legs, but certain combos work better to offer more adjustability. The leg will retract into the leg frame the depth of the leg frame itself. So if you get a 36" leg frame with a 31" leg, the leg can be retracted into the leg the entire 31" so that the leg frame sits on top of the base pad. If you add a 49" leg to this same leg frame, the leg will retract the 36" with a remaining 13" sticking out of the frame. That being said, the below image displays some of the best combinations and shows their max extension. When building a dock section, we include a single brace with each leg frame. Two braces can be used with each leg frame, but we like to use a single brace and stagger them as we go out. 

There is also a support that is called an END Leg Frame which is used if there is not another section attaching to the end of a section or it is your last section going out. This section is also used for platforms where sections are running parallel to each other. The END Leg Frame does not have a lip on it and allows an end or finishing cap to be added. So you will want to choose an END Leg Frame for the last section of a straight run or any section on a platform that does not connect end to end with another section. 

We also recommend measuring your water depth every 8' out to help determine the support height needed. If you are uncertain of the dock support, feel free to send us your water depths and we can figure out the best support combinations for your lakefront.




One of the most popular features of the Genuine ShoreStation Dock is the wide variety of easily attachable accessories. Many accessories feature our patented “Quick-as-a-Click” connector which allows them to be installed or removed without tools.

  • Swivel Chair
  • Dock Bench
  • Aqua Steps
  • Shore Steps
  • Solar Dock Light
  • Flag Pole and Bracket
  • Vertical Rigid Poly Aluminum Bumps
  • Gear Tower
  • Dock Ladder (single mast and standard)


Constructed of the finest materials, these accessories are specially designed to be useful, as well as compliment the beautiful appearance of your dock.

End Date: 03/01/2022
Manufacturer: ShoreStation
Item Type: Dock - Freestanding
Part Type: Dock Section
Series: Classic Series
Product Information
Frame Material: Aluminum - Cedar
Decking Material: Aluminum - Powder Coated
Section Width: 4'
Section Length: 8'
Design: Traditional Sectional
Compatible Leg Frame: LF-15-4, LF-22-4, LF-36-4, LF-48-4, LF-66-4, LF-84-4,LFE-15-4, LFE-22-4, LFE-36-4, LFE-48-4, LFE-66-4, LFE-84-4
Compatible Section: AD-2, AD-4, AD-45L, AD-45R, AD-F2, ADL-F2
Compatible End Board: AEB-4
Typically Ships: 5-8 Weeks
Shipping Method: LTL Freight, Pickup
Restocking Fee: Yes
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