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ShoreStation Replacement Canopy Covers

Manufacturer: Shoretex Fabric Products

Model: STF-SS-CC

Item Type: Lift - Canopy Cover

Designed to Fit: ShoreStation

Material: Shelter-Rite

Typically Ships: 12-20 Business Days

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Our cover options are designed specifically to fit ShoreStation canopy frames.  Please take a moment to review our Four Material Options below: Shelter-Rite®, Hydrofend®, HarborTime® & RECwater®. Each canopy cover is offered with a variety of color options to choose from. Canopy Frame Not Included. Measuring assistance can be found below.


Canopy cover configuration options are as follows:  Please choose your Size, Material & Color options from the drop-down selectors located above the "Add To Cart" button.  Ensure prior to ordering that you have selected the proper size option for your ShoreStation canopy frame, along with your material and color options.  Please note, due to the large variety of options we offer, these canopy covers are custom-made to order.  Please confirm the proper size and frame style are being selected.  For further assistance with measuring your existing canopy frame please scroll down to our frame measuring guide provided below.  Return orders for canopy covers are subject to restocking fees for size, color or material exchange returns. 



When ordering your aftermarket ShoreStation canopy cover, please select the appropriate cover size for your specific ShoreStation aluminum canopy frame from the "Canopy Cover Size Selector" drop-down above (directly below the product title).

  • Lengths run from 13ft - 36ft
  • Widths come in 62", 88", 100", 108" 120", 132", & 144" depending directly on which length is chosen
  • Vertical Valance Length: 20 Inches
  • All four materials are available in every size



Once you have decided on the material optional, please select your preference from the drop-down selector labeled "Canopy Material Selector" drop-down also above. The correct price will display once both the size and material options are chosen.



Shelter-Rite™ is an American-made quality vinyl product that is engineered to exceed extensive performance criteria and is recognized by most in the industry as the best vinyl canopy material available.  The 18.8 oz weight combined with heat welded seams makes this vinyl durable and one of the most popular materials in the marine industry.  and the flat matte, smooth finish makes clean-up easy.  We offer 11 different Shelter-Rite cover colors, see below.

  • 11 Color Options - All sizes available in all colors
  • Tightly woven polyester fibers provide excellent tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance
  • High-performance vinyl formulation keeps the vinyl pliable and is crack, peel, UV, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Flat Matte Smooth Finish
  • A Time Tested Material when it comes to Covering Boat Lifts




Hydrofend™ Coated fabric is made in the U.S.A and combines strength, beauty, and water repellency in this lightweight and durable construction. Hydrofend outperforms uncoated fabrics with up to six times greater water resistance.  Forged from a durable polyester monofilament yarn with great tear and tensile strength it is well-suited for marine applications.  

  • Easy Installation and Removal with 1/3 to 1/2 of the weight of most common vinyl materials
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Proprietary Solvent Coating creates an armor to fend off surface abrasion and help prevent fraying
  • 9 Color Options - All sizes available in all colors
  • Attractive Matte, Woven Appearance
  • Engineered to maintain its vibrancy season after season with its solution-dyed fiber construction




HarborTime® Edge is a lighter-weight (12 oz) marine fabric that features Perfecta Marine technology, which offers exceptional heat reduction, heat reflection and UV performance. The fabric is made from coated polyester and has great abrasion resistance and is stabilized to ensure a continuous fit.

  • Enhanced Heat Reduction and Reflection
  • 10 Color Options - All sizes available in all colors
  • Flat Matte Cloth Finish
  • Defends against UV rays, water and mildew
  • Cooler interior and surface temperatures




RECwater™ material is one of the best marine-grade materials available in the canopy cover market today.  The RECwater material is made by starting with a premium commercial-weight solution-dyed acrylic fabric at 19oz per yard.  This fabric undergoes a "Blade Over Roller Coating" process that involves pouring molten liquid vinyl over the fabric that is drawn off with a blade to provide an even coating.  The vinyl is then cured and heat set in a finishing range.  This process allows the vinyl to soak into the fabric material to create an exceptionally strong bond to the fabric.  

  •  Elegant Looking Fabric with Great Waterproof Performance and Dimensional Stability
  • Custom Colored PVC underside Coating to match acrylic fabric
  • 7 Color Options - All sizes available in all colors
  • Very strong and durable, does not crack or roll
  • Excellent fade resistance, UV stability and treated with antimicrobial deterrents to combat mold and mildew




When you order a new replacement canopy cover, we include Bungee Attaching Hardware so that you can secure the cover to your canopy frame.  Below is an overview of the attachment system present with cover options as described above.


The Quicklash canopy attachment system provides a user-friendly and easy to install design with increased strength and durability over traditional attachment systems.  Sewn into the interior of the cover, Quicklash is a fabric strip with reinforced lacing holes to eliminate the need of grommets to secure the canopy.  The Quicklash webbing is reinforced with Armor Bar, a high-tenacity polyester yarn which provides increased tear resistance and strength.



The 2-1/8" wide Quicklash webbing allows for quick and customizable installation with 1" lacing holes spaced every 3".  The canopy cover is secured utilizing the Quicklash webbing and supplied bungees.  The 1/4" stretchable, nylon covered, rubber bungees connect to any of the 1" lacing holes and then are secured to each specified attachment point on the existing canopy frame.  Once all bungees have been installed even tension is created around the perimeter of the canopy frame keeping the cover secure and in place on the frame.




Below we have provided an image that illustrates how to measure your canopy frame in order to determine the proper size cover.  ShoreStation aluminum canopy frames will have 4" round aluminum side frame tubes that extend from front to back of the frame.  Inserted into the ends of the side frame tube is a bracket that secures two canopy bows to create the canopy ends.  The frame will have a rounded peak top created by rounded canopy bows that are connected on each end to the 4" round side frame tube.  When measuring the length, please note that you must measure the length of the 4" canopy frame side tube and then add two feet to that measurement.  The length of the side tube plus two feet equals the proper canopy length that you will require.

  • Length Measurement:  Length of 4" round aluminum side tube Plus 2 feet
  • Width Measurement:  Inside width of lower canopy rail on a centerline from left to right


Important Note:  Canopy covers are custom and built to order, each is specfic to the frame make and size.  It is important that the correct make and size canopy cover is ordered. Canopies returned due to incorrect size or make ordering errors are subject to restocking fees and in some cases may not be returnable.  If replacing an existing cover, check for a canopy tag for size information or contact the canopy frame manufacturer.  If you have any fit related questions after reviewing measuring instructions, please contact us. If contacting us for sizing assistance, please have images of the canopy frame in question available and measurements as outlined above. 

Manufacturer: Shoretex Fabric Products
Model: STF-SS-CC
Item Type: Lift - Canopy Cover
Designed to Fit: ShoreStation
Accessory Type: Canopy Cover
Product Information
Canopy Width: 62", 88", 100", 108", 120", 132", 144"
Canopy Length: 13ft, 18ft, 20ft, 22ft, 24ft, 26ft, 30ft, 34ft, 36ft, 40ft
Attaching Hardware: Bungee Attaching Hardware Included
Material: Shelter-Rite, RECwater, Hydrofend, HarborTime
Material Weight: 18.8, 8, 19, 11
Part Type: Canopy Cover
Life Expectancy: 7+
Typically Ships: 12-20 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Restocking Fee: Yes
Warranty: 5 year pro-rated
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