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CraftLander MH-V45108SS-PT - 4500 LB Capacity Pontoon Boat Lift

Manufacturer: CraftLander

Load Capacity: 4,500

Model: MH-V45108SS-PT

Item Type: Lift - Freestanding

Series: Pontoon

Typically Ships: 4-6 Weeks

Select Watercraft Support Option
Boat Lift Inside Width Option

Craftlander MH-V45108SS-PT - 4,500 lb Capacity 108" Internal Width Vertical Pontoon Lift

This is the CraftLander MH-V45108 4500 lb capacity lift set up to support a pontoon. The lift has a 108" inside width which works well with most pontoons with a beam up to 96". This unit offers a 64" lifting height in the cradle alone along with 54" telescoping legs which will work in depths up to 7' the way it comes. Longer legs are available and allow for a about an 8.5' depth.

Above you can select from the two pontoon support options that are offered for this lift. You can select from either the Pontoon Rack or the Dual vinyl and aluminum hull bunk offerings. We have provided more information below about each of these options.



  • 4500 lb. Max Lifting Capacity
  • 108" Max Beam (inside width - upright to upright)
  • 64" Lift Height (actual cradle travel)
  • Choose Either Pontoon Rack or Dual Hull Bunks
  • Stainless Steel and Brass Fasteners
  • 54" Telescoping Adjustable Legs
  • Galvanized Winch Cable for Strength (stainless available upon request)
  • Drop V Side Frame for Easy Boat Entry
  • 2 Year Mechanical and 15 Year Structural Limited Warranty



The following options are designed for specifically for pontoons. Each is mounted to the moving cradle of the lift and are the contact and support your boat.


PONTOON RACK - The rack system lifts from beneath the deck of your pontoon and is really the easiest bunk system park upon. The Pontoon Rack uses heavy duty vertical aluminum assemblies that mount to the cradle and allow for both vertical and horizontal adjustment. Lumber is then used to span between the brackets and are the contact and support for your boat. Pontoon rack systems such as this have been widely used for a number of years due to the basic design and user-friendliness.


PONTOON SADDLE KIT - The saddle kit utilizes a dual set of vinyl and aluminum hull bunks and lifts from beneath the toons of the pontoon. The kit includes two sets of aluminum extrusions bunk rails covered with a non-abrasive vinyl. The vinyl & aluminum Bunks are maintenance free and do not trap lake sediment like older style carpeted lumber bunks. The bracket for the saddle kit is specially designed to fit the I-beam cradle and mount one end of two sets of bunks to each bracket assembly. They are not too difficult to install and they are easy to adjust for your pontoon.



Freestanding Lifts such as this model utilize four, independently adjustable legs which are inserted into the corner columns of the hoist. When installed they allow you to adjust the height of the lift at each of the corners so that you can achieve a level plane across the hoist. Attached to each leg is a large base pad that will rest on the lake bottom.

STANDARD LEG - the standard leg option includes 54" legs (overall length) that provide 42" of usable height. The leg uses a large foot pad for stability and hitch pins for height adjustment. This telescoping design allows for proper installation in a variety of water depths up to 6-1/2 feet.

DEEP WATER LEGS - the longer adjustable 72" leg extensions provide 58" of usable height. These are used for deeper water and are a much heavier duty extrusion. The leg uses a large foot pad for stability and hitch pins for height adjustment. This telescoping design allows for proper installation in a variety of water depths up to 8.5 feet.



Motor Stops are another optional style of parking aid that are designed to help with parking a watercraft. Motor Stops help prevent "overshooting" the parking location. The Motor stop are not suitable for Wake and Ski Style watercrafts with drive shaft prop and rudders

MOTOR STOP - Mounted to the stern end rack beam and assists with stopping your watercraft and prevents your boat from overrunning the lift.



  • Canopy Covers
  • Power Unit or Motor
  • Motor Stop
  • Axle Brackets and Rim Plates (wheel for install and removal)
  • Stainless Steel Upgrade (makes lift all aluminum and stainless)


View Helpful Assembly Videos Here


CraftLander lifts are easier to crank than most lifts on the market today due to  their Positive Drive Winch that is chain driven with roller bearings. The 45120v has an 11:1 winch (11 turns or the wheel to 1 complete revolution of the drum) and raises about 1 inch every 2 turns of the wheel. The large tapered pads or feet on this unit allow it to be moved across many different surfaces and lake bottoms without snagging or digging in. This is very helpful for seasonal installation and removal.



  • This product ships out common carrier freight. 


Manufacturer: CraftLander
Brand: Craftlander
Load Capacity: 4,500
Model: MH-V45108SS-PT
Item Type: Lift - Freestanding
Part Type: Vertical Lift
Series: Pontoon
Assembly Required: Yes
Shipping Information
Typically Ships: 4-6 Weeks
Shipping Method: LTL Freight, Pickup
Frame Specs
Inside Opening: 108" Inside Width
Lift Cradle Travel: 64
Adjustable Leg Size: 54" Leg Standard
Cradle Style: I-Beam
Frame Material: Aluminum
Fasteners: Stainless/Brass Combo
Foot Pad Size: 12x16
Cable Specs
Cable Diameter: 5/16
Cable Material: Stainless Steel
Winch Specs
Motor Type: Optional
Lift Operation: Turn Wheel
Application Suggestions
Anchoring Type: Freestanding
MinWaterDepth: Draft + 7"
Watercraft Weight (Wet): 3,400 - 3,900, 3,900 - 4,400
Beam: 96" Max Beam Recommended
Lift Design
Operation: Manual
Watercraft Style: Pontoon
Lift Design: Freestanding, Manual, Vertical
Return Policy
Restocking Fee: Yes
Manufacturer Details
Warranty: 2 Year Mechanical and 15 Year Structural
Manufacturer Website: Manufacturer Website
Manufacturer Support Phone:: 989-275-8054
Warranty-Structure: 15 year
Warranty-Cables: 2 year
Pulley Specs
Pulley Material: Nylontron
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