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NEW Canopy Covers

Genuine ShoreStation OEM Replacement Covers

Manufacturer: ShoreStation

Model: SS-OEM-CC

Item Type: Lift - Canopy Cover

Designed to Fit: ShoreStation

Typically Ships: 6-12 Weeks

Material: Shelter-Rite

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Protect your boat from the elements with a classic OEM ShoreStation Canopy Cover. Legacy style ShoreStation covers are specifically designed for installation on a existing ShoreStation OEM traditional aluminum canopy frames. ShoreStation covers feature a vinyl-coated nylon fabric, superior construction with heat welded seams. ShoreStation canopies are built utlizing a computer-controlled cutting table and seam sealed using precision heat welding. Each cover undergoes several inspections by their dedicated staff to ensure that you recieve a supeior high quailty cover.



When ordering your Genuine ShoreStation canopy cover, please select the appropriate cover size for your specific ShoreStation aluminum canopy frame from the "Canopy Cover Size Selector" drop-down provided directly below the product title.

  • Lengths run from 13ft - 40ft
  • Widths come in 62", 88", 100", 108", 120", 132", & 144" depending directly on which length is chosen



ShelterTX Textured Vinyl

ShoreStation's canopy covers are built with a heavy duty 18oz ShelterTX textured vinyl coated nylon fabric, and a 22oz reinforced bungee pocket which holds the continuous frame attaching bungee. All ShoreStation canopy covers are rigged for quick and easy installation using their SpoolSnap attaching system.

ShelterTX vinyl is an American Premium Fabric that builds upon a widely recognized Shelter-Rite material. This waterproof textured matte finish vinyl is engineered to exceed extensive performance criteria and is recognized as by most in the industry as one of the best vinyl canopy materials available. The heavy-duty 18oz PVC coated polyester vinyl canopies have been shown to outperform many other vinyl materials such as Shur-Tuff, Cover Tuff, Stamoid, in many key attributes.

Heavy duty tightly woven polyester fibers provide excellent tear, puncture & abrasion resistance. A high performance vinyl formulation keeps the vinyl pliable, crack and peel resistant, UV, mold, and mildew resistant. The 18 oz weight combined with heat sealed welded seams make ShelterTX vinyl one of the most durable vinyl options in the marine industry. The textured matte finish provides a rich appearance like fabrics but with the unmatched durability of a vinyl.


Frame Attachment

Genuine ShoreStation canopy frame covers are pre-rigged with a single continuous bungee sewn into the heavy duty 22oz vinyl bungee pocket found in the interior of the cover. The bungee is designed to secure to ShoreStation's new SpoolSnap for easy installation and removal while extending the bungee life due to the large radius connection point. Once the canopy cover is placed on the existing canopy frame, the bungee is simply looped over the circle shaped Spools installed on the frame for a snug fit. 

This canopy cover is designed to fit standard OEM ShoreStation aluminum canopy frame models with ShoreStation SpoolSnap system installed in appropriate locations. Please note, the Canopy frame and SnapSpools pictured below are not included with the cover. Canopy Frame and Spools are sold separately.



Canopy Features

  • Top-Quality Fabric Made in America
  • Weighted Ends for Reduce Wind Flap
  • Double-Stitched, Precision Heat Welded Seams
  • 18oz PVC Coated High Tenacity Polyester
  • Waterproof Textured Matte Finish
  • Will not shrink or stretch
  • Highly resistant to Extreme Temperature Changes and won't become stiff due to volatility loss
  • UV, Rot and Fungus, Mildew Resistant
  • Excellent Tear, Puncture, Abrasion Resistance 
  • Non-Wicking Material
  • Pre-rigged Continous Bungee 


Canopy Color Options



Canopy Cover Includes

  • OEM ShoreStation Canopy Cover
  • Pre-rigged Continuous Bungee
  • 5 year prorated warranty on fabric and a 1 year warranty on sewing




Below we have provided an image that illustrates how to measure your canopy frame in order to determine the proper size cover.  ShoreStation aluminum canopy frames will have 4" round aluminum side frame tubes that extend from front to back of the frame.  Inserted into the ends of the side frame tube is a bracket that secures two canopy bows to create the canopy ends.  The frame will have a rounded peak top created by rounded canopy bows that are connected on each end to the 4" round side frame tube.  When measuring the length, please note that you must measure the length of the 4" canopy frame side tube and then add two feet to that measurement.  The length of the side tube plus two feet equals the proper canopy length that you will require.

  • Length Measurement:  Length of 4" round aluminum side tube Plus 2 feet
  • Width Measurement:  Inside width of lower canopy rail on a centerline from left to right


Note:  Each canopy cover is custom built to order, it is important the correct size is ordered.  Returned canopies due to incorrect size or make ordered are subject to restocking fees and in some cases may not be returnable.  If replacing an existing cover, check for a canopy tag for size information or contact the manufacturer.  If you have any fit related questions after reviewing measuring instructions, please contact us.


Manufacturer: ShoreStation
Model: SS-OEM-CC
Item Type: Lift - Canopy Cover
Designed to Fit: ShoreStation
Accessory Type: Canopy Cover
Typically Ships: 6-12 Weeks
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Restocking Fee: Yes
Warranty: LIMITED Five-year (5)
Product Information
Canopy Width: 62", 88", 100", 108", 120", 132", 144"
Canopy Length: 13ft, 18ft, 20ft, 22ft, 24ft, 26ft, 30ft, 32ft, 36ft, 40ft
Attaching Hardware: Sewn-in Bungee System
Material: Shelter-Rite
Material Weight: 18.8
Part Type: Canopy Cover
Life Expectancy: 7+
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