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MaxStand 6' - 8' Wide "Shorty" Hidden Support System - MS06-08-SH

Manufacturer: Max Dock

Typically Ships: 2-5 Business Days

Model: MST008-SH

Series: MaxStand

Item Type: Dock - Leg Stand

Material: Aluminum

Base Model Regular Price: $300.00


The adjustable 6' - 8' Under Dock Shorty Support with A-Frame Stance is hidden from the top of the dock and provides great stability.  The deeper the water, the wider the stance which creates a more stable dock in comparison to traditional H-Frame style supports.  Under dock supports create a more aesthetically pleasing look, when installed there are no posts above the walking surface as you find with other support styles.

This is the "Shorty" under dock support which is used for shallow water areas.  The Shorty edition has all the same features that the "standard" stand, however, with a reduced main frame leg columns and shorter leg posts.  The Shorty stand is designed to be used in water depths of 1' to 2' assuming the top of the dock is 12" above the water line.




  • 6' - 8' Adjustable Width (1 inch of Stringer Bracket Adjustability)
  • Stand with two stringer brackets (1)
  • 1/2" stainless bolt and brass nut leg adjuster (2)
  • Standard Telescoping Leg post (2)  (Optional Leg Lengths available)
  • 7" x 12" Angled Base Pad (2)




MaxStand 6'' to 8''
  • STRINGER BRACKETS - This is where your dockside stringer will sit and has holes to fasten the dock section to the support.
  • CENTER CROSSMEMBER - This portion of the support uses the same extrusion as the Stand Ends and work as the main central support for the stand.
  • EXTENSION TUBES - These tubes slide into the Center Crossmember and Stand Ends and allow for the width adjustment. A simple 1/2" stainless bolt and brass nut are used on the Center Crossmember and Stand End to tighten up the Extension Tube at a given width.
  • STAND END- These are the two angled ends of your support and included a 45° brace and the Stringer Bracket. This assembly also has two 1/2" stainless bolt and brass nut Leg and Extension Tube, adjusters.
  • LEG POST AND BASE PAD - Included, but not pictured.



    "STANDARD" 6' - 8' MAXSTAND SUPPORT - This option includes the stand itself with 30" legs, two 36" telescoping posts, and two base pads. The combination of the 30" legs and the standard 36" posts give this stand 56" of vertical height. Longer legs can be added.
    ''SHORTY'' 6' -  8' MAXSTAND SUPPORT - The ''Shorty'' is used for shallow water applications and the stand comes with 20" legs, 18" telescoping posts, and two base pads. The combination of the 20" legs and the 18" posts give this stand a 38" max height. The lowest it can get is 22" off the lake bottom. If you need shorter supports, you can bury the feet to reduce the height or use a MaxLoc or Traditional Support instead.
    ''T'' & ''L'' 6' - 8' MAXSTAND SUPPORT - This support is designed to create a ''T'' or an ''L'' design with your platform. One end of the support has a standard leg and the other end is set up to attach directly to the cross member of the last MaxStand and use it to support that end. This stand includes the TL stand with 30" leg(1), one 36" leg post, one base pad, and the T&L hardware.




  • Product ships UPS
  • Please contact us for supports requiring assemblies exceeding 9 feet
Manufacturer: Max Dock
SKU: 66-11314
Typically Ships: 2-5 Business Days
Shipping Method: LTL Freight
Base Group
Product MPN: 66-11314
Support Spec
Adjustable Leg Size: 18"
Includes Legs: Yes
Leg Adjustment Style: Bolt & Jam Nut
Model: MST008-SH
Series: MaxStand
MinWaterDepth: 1'
MaxWaterDepth: 3'
Mounting: Bolt On
Fits Post Size: 2" OD
Frame Spec
Frame Material: Aluminum
Quick Info
Design: A-Frame Support
Style: Platform Under Dock
Fasteners: Stainless/Brass Combo
Item Type: Dock - Leg Stand
Material: Aluminum
Part Type: Dock Support
Designed to Fit: 96" Wide Frame
Accessory Type: A-Frame Platform Support
Foot Pad Size: 7.5" x 10"
Stringer Distance Adjustable: Yes - 1-3/8"
Leg Post Length: 24"
Manufacturer Info
Manufacturer Website:
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