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CraftLander 6000lb Capacity Full Length Carpeted Guides

Manufacturer: CraftLander

Product MPN: LG-6000

Item Type: Lift - Parking Guides

Designed to Fit: CraftLander

Part Location: Cradle

Construction: Aluminum and Carpeted Wood

On Sale For: $479.00


Craftlander full length carpeted loading/centering guides consists of four heavy-duty aluminum upright brackets that attach to the 4" wide I-beams of an existing 6000lb Craftlander vertical hoist.  When the brackets are attached a carpet wrapped and steel reinforced 2" x 6" lumber is then installed on each side of the lift.  These guides are a great parking assist accessory that provides a barrier between your watercraft and the interior framework of the lift.  They are very helpful for beginner drivers, or for those who are in a windy or high wake area.

Each aluminum upright bracket allows for 12" of height adjustment.  Carpeted guides run down each side of the lift from front to rear and slightly extend past each end of the lift.

Although Carpeted Load Guides are a great way to lower the risk of watercraft impact damage, in some situations, they also do have a drawback. As most people that have these installed will often “rub against” the side hull with the guide.  In most situations, this is not a problem, however, with a watercraft that has extensive vinyl decals running the side of the hull, this is a problem.  If the guides come in contact with these decals repeatedly they will damage them in a short period of time.

If your watercraft has large side hull decals, and you want to add some sort of parking assist accessory then your best choice would be the CraftLander Vertical Foam Upright Centering Guides.



  • 6000lb Capacity
  • Items ship out in 10 - 14 business days and take 1 - 3 days in transit.
  • When the freight carrier picks up the items then tracking information will be sent via email.
  • For estimated shipping charges add the items to your cart and enter your zip code into the shipping calculator on the cart page.
Manufacturer: CraftLander
SKU: CL-LG-6000 CL-LG-6000
Typically Ships: 10 to 14 Business Days
Shipping Method: LTL Freight
Base Group
Product MPN: LG-6000
Cradle Style: I-Beam
Quick Info
Style: Full Length Load Guide
Mount Style: I-Beam Bolt On
Fasteners: Zinc Plated Steel
Item Type: Lift - Parking Guides
Part Type: Centering Guide
Designed to Fit: CraftLander
Accessory Type: Lift Guide-Ons
Part Location: Cradle
Adjustability: Horizontal and Vertical
Construction: Aluminum and Carpeted Wood
Lifting Design
Lift Design: Vertical
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