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Step Tread Thru Flow 48" x 12" - No Tabs

Manufacturer: Thru Flow

Item Type: Stair or Step Tread

Series: Legacy

Typically Ships: 5-10 Business Days

Color Option
Our regular Price: $40.18
Configuration Price: $40.18

Step Tread Thru Flow 48" x 12" with No Tabs - Decking Panel


Thru Flow Step Tread is a great way to deck steps or stairs that require an anti-slip surface...both in and out of the water. The holes in the surface of the decking provide grip at all times and work better than wood or aluminum that become slippery when wet or covered in algae.

The Legacy XP Panel is manufactured with the most advanced technology to create an aesthetic and resilient panel for your family deck, dock or commercial marina.  It's durable, safe, maintenance-free, storm-resistant, environmentally friendly, comfortable to walk on, and easy to install.  What more could you want out of a walking surface?

  • Made from Virgin Plastic
  • Reinforced with Fibreglass
  • Contains No Recycled Material
  • Increased Load Bearing and Flexural Stiffness Properties (Very Strong)



The interlocking panels are ideal for docks due to their water resistance and 360° anti-slip surface. You will never have water gathering on the dock or pier that can cause the walking surface to become slippery. No algae or mold that can also lead to a slick surface.

The design of this decking allows light to penetrate below the walking surface, minimizing the effect of the walking surface on the plants and animals below. The Army Corps of Engineers has approved this product in Florida over submerged aquatic vegetation (sea-grass, mangrove habitat, etc.). You will also never have to worry about leaching chemicals and it is also recyclable.



  • Impervious to rot, mold, algae and insects
  • Absolutely NO treating, staining or sealing required
  • Barefoot Friendly
  • UV package designed for Southern Florida exposure
  • Maintenance Free
  • No puddles or splinters!
  • Allows Sunlight, Water and Debris to Pass
  • Cool to the touch, even in hot sun!
  • ADA compliant
  • Helps minimize uplift on decking surface from wind and water
  • Pre-Drilled & Countersunk holes for Easy Installation
  • 16" Centers for Fasteners (8 fasteners per panel)
  • Can be used virtually anywhere a walkway is needed, indoor or outdoor



These Step Tread ThruFlow panels  DO NOT USE the interlocking design seen in the image to the left.

Legacy XP panels have elongated screw holes which revolutionize this panel even further allowing for greater mounting flexibility.  This leaves more room for accurate mounting to make sure each panel is lined up with the stringers, even on older docks or decks that may have warped over time or that require the decking to hang over the edge of the stringer.


The The panels come in two colors: Light Gray and Maple which is a medium tan. The surface of all Series panels is UV-resistant which means it will never get hot under direct sunlight, and the non-slip surface holds true wet or dry.

The panel not only allows light to penetrate to decking, but the grate-style surface also allows water and wind from below to pass through which helps protect your dock from the effects of wave, wind and storm surge damage by minimizing the effect of uplift on the decking surface. Docks with this decking have survived hurricanes in Florida where ALL other docks have been destroyed. The damage these forces can cause is less when the water or wind can pass through with less resistance.



Thru Flow recommends a high-quality #10 or #12 panhead stainless steel screw with a 2.5" length. Screws should be clear through the panel and fastened into the material of your structural frame. It is important to also remember not to tighten the screw down entirely and to allow for expansion and contraction. Hole alignment is also important and the 4' panel has 16" centers and requires 8 fasteners.

We offer a #10 x 2.5" Panhead Philips Stainless Steel Tek Screw (seen in the picture to the left). These are self-tapping screws. Click here to visit this product.



  • Smaller orders ship UPS ground. Larger orders and full pallets ship common carrier freight. Contact us for full pallet orders for custom shipping prices.
  • Other panel sizes are available.
Manufacturer: Thru Flow
SKU: UTFP48-T_NoTabs
Base Group
Product MPN: UTFP48-T
Item Type: Stair or Step Tread
Part Type: Decking Panel
Series: Legacy
Dims (WxLxH): 47.9x12x1.2
Product Information
Decking Material: Composite
Joist Spacing: 16 Inch Centers
Concentrated Load: 1,447 lbf
Uniformly Distributed Load: 157 psf
Concentrated Point Load: 473 lbf
Typically Ships: 5-10 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Manufacturer Contact Info
Manufacturer Support Phone:: 1-888-478-3569
Warranty: 12
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