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LilliPad Marine Funnel

Manufacturer: LilliPad Marine

Model: Lillipad Marine Funnel

Item Type: Boat Fueling

Typically Ships: 3-5 Business Days

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Base Model Regular Price: $299.00
Configured Price: $299.00


LilliPad Marine Funnel allows you to easily transfer fuel from a portable fuel container into a watercraft at a water dock.   The Marine Funnel allows you to use both hands to comfortably and safely fuel up your boat or PWC. 

The LilliPad Marine Funnel conveniently mounts to a dock or boat lift and has a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design.  Multiple boats or slips? No problem!  Fabricated with a modular mounting system, LilliPad Marine Funnel can be moved to multiple mount locations by installing additional mount brackets as needed.  With the funnel mounted on a dock or lift, a user is able to utilize both hands to lift and stabilize their gas can.  Once elevated, the gas is easily held in the correct position utilizing LilliPad’s “cut-out” design and transferring the weight of the can to the mounted funnel.  Fuel is able to flow freely into the large mouth of the Lillipad Marine Funnel’s reservoir.  Any possible splashing is captured by the funnels screen system.  LilliPad’s custom, translucent, fuel-rated, kink-free, 6’ or 10.5’ hose allows the user to easily reach a vessels fuel fill from the mount location and to monitor fuel flow.  The aluminum nozzle is designed to fit the EPA fuel fills and will not spark when struck against other materials. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Modular Mounting System
  • No-Splash funnel screen system
  • Choose either 6 foot or 10 foot hose option
  • Nozzle is designed to fit EPA fuel fills
Manufacturer: LilliPad Marine
SKU: 1003-MF
Brand: LilliPad
Model: Lillipad Marine Funnel
Item Type: Boat Fueling
Accessory Type: Boat Fueling
Base Group
Product MPN: 1003-MF
Typically Ships: 3-5 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
MFG Info
Manufacturer Website:
Manufacturer Support Phone:: 1-800-279-3419
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