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ShoreStation SS-V40108MS Freestanding Vertical Lift

Manufacturer: ShoreStation

Load Capacity: 4,000

Model: SS-V40108MY

Item Type: Lift - Freestanding

Inside Opening: 108" Inside Width

Lift Cradle Travel: 48

Extension Leg Selector
Hull Support Option
Loading Guide Options
Bow & Motor Stops
Our regular Price: $6,775.00
Configuration Price: $6,775.00


Everything is designed for years of dependable service: aluminum construction, stainless steel cables, sealed roller bearings in winch tube pulleys, stainless steel & brass fasteners, GAR-MAX bushings. The bolt-together aluminum construction provides superior environmental endurance and eliminates the need for aluminum welds while adding to the strength and stability of the lift.

This boat lift can be custom configured for a wide variety of watercraft hull styles. Whether you need a lift for your fishing boat, ski boat, pontoon or tritoon, ShoreStation offers hull support kits for all styles. Above you are able to custom configure this hoist to your specific needs.



  • 4,000lb Max Lifting Capacity
  • 108" Max Beam (inside width - upright to upright)
  • Wheel Lock Mechanism
  • V-Shaped Aluminum Lifting Platform
  • GARMAX® self lubricating sheaves
  • 48" Lift Height (actual cradle travel)
  • Two Lifting Point Design Promotes Load Equalization
  • Stainless Steel Lift Cables
  • Stainless Steel & Brass Fasteners



Load Equalization

ShoreStation lift design promotes level lifting that equalizes the load across the entire structure, reducing stress on the lift and it’s components. Unlike other “v-frame” lifts, ShoreStation lifts feature a horizontal lift tube creates two lifting points distributing the weight for smooth trouble-free operation. Custom shape designed around custom pulley sheaves to ''crowd'' cable systems (illustrated below in ''Image 1'') to keep cables in place even when slack may occur.

The “V” shape of the platform allows for operation in shallow water and provides easier centering. It is raised and lowered vertically to eliminate torque that would fatigue and weaken the lift. In the “up” position, there are no moving parts left in the water which minimizes corrosion.

These lifts feature large diameter stainless steel lift cables operating over large diameter sheaves with self lubricating GARMAX® bushings. The simple design ensures no cable to cable contact (illustrated below in ''Image 2''), eliminating the possibility of the cables binding and damaging each other.




This ShoreStation Hoist can be equipped for virtually any watercraft style and a spectrum of lakefront conditions. With a wide variety of equipment accessories the unit can be configured to suit your needs. While choosing your hoist configuration, please review the following options that this unit can be configured with. These options are selected above and allow you to configure the new hoist to your needs.

This section provides description to the various options that you can have this hoist equipped with. These options are selected above the "Add to Cart" button, which allow you to build the configuration that you want.


EXTENSION LEG OPTIONS: Freestanding Lifts such as this model utilize four, independently adjustable legs which are inserted into the corner columns of the hoist. When installed they allow you to adjust the height of the lift at each of the corners so that you can achieve a level plane across the hoist. Attached to each leg is a large base pad that will rest on the lake bottom.


STANDARD LEG - standard legs extensions include 20" legs for water depths up to 4-1/2 ft.

DEEP WATER LEGS - Longer adjustable leg extensions available for deeper water. Featuring a large foot pad for stability and locking pins for height adjustment these legs assure proper installation in variety of water depths from one to eight feet.


BOAT SUPPORT OPTIONS: This hoist can be equipped with a variety of support hardware options. The following options are designed for particular watercraft hull designs. Boat Support options include complete hardware kits that are mounted to the moving cradle of the lift and are contact and support your boat.


STANDARD 10'' ULTRA BUNKS - This configuration is well suited for single hull designs including flat bottom, round bottom, and deep-V hull designs. The Ultra Bunk includes two individual aluminum extrusion bunk rails covered with a non-abrasive vinyl. Ultra Bunks are maintenance free and do not trap lake sediment like older style carpeted lumber bunks.

PONTOON RACK – This configuration is typically used on Pontoons and in some cases with Tritoon boat designs. One of the most traditional systems used, the pontoon rack includes four vertical cradle mounted bracket assemblies. Once installed lumber boards are attached to the bracket assemblies which then act as a support surface your boat''s under-deck. Pontoon rack systems such as this have been widely used for a number of years due to the basic design and user friendliness.

DUAL 10'' ULTRA BUNKS - This configuration is well suited for Pontoon and some cathedral hull designs . The Dual Ultra Bunk kit includes two sets of aluminum extrusions bunk rails covered with a non-abrasive vinyl. Ultra Bunks are maintenance free and do not trap lake sediment like older style carpeted lumber bunks. When installed each set of bunks are located to the exterior of the cradle and are designed to support the underside of toons.


LOADING GUIDE OPTIONS: Loading guides are optional accessories that can be added to your hoist at any time. They are highly recommended for those in rough and windy areas or for inexperienced drivers. They are designed to assist with leaving and parking your boat, by providing a "guide" aid to keep you centrally located within the hoist frame.

92" GLIDEPOLE CORNER POST GUIDE - Pivots on the corner of your lift to provide a visual aid when centering and landing your boat on the lift. Fully adjustable inward, outward, and vertically for desired protection.

158" GLIDERAIL CENTERING GUIDE – Unique extended flare design allows for easy entrance into your lift in wind and waves. Fully adjust horizontally and vertically for a perfect fit.

FRONT POST UPRIGHT GUIDES - Keeps the boat''s bow centered when landing in high wind or waves. Mounts on the front cradle tube to provide full adjustability for a perfect fit.

SPRING-LOADED CENTERING GUIDE - The flex-action of these new guide posts makes loading your boat easier than ever. As the boat enters the lift they self-adjust to keep the boat centered for trouble-free loading every time.

FOUR POST FOAM CENTERING GUIDE - One of ShoreStation''s most traditional centering guides, these are mounted at the four corners of the lifting platform this centering device provides four soft uprights posts that assist with keeping your watercraft centered on the hoist.


MOTOR & BOW STOP OPTIONS: Motor & Bow Stops are another optional style of parking aid that are designed to help with parking a watercraft. They help prevent "overshooting" the parking location. The Motor and Bow stops are not suitable for all watercraft styles.

MOTOR STOP - Mounted to the stern end rack beam and assists with stopping your watercraft and prevents your boat from overrunning the lift.

BOW STOP –  Bring your boat to a stop in the perfect position every time. These padded stops will help prevent your boat from overrunning the lift.


  • Tracking information will be provided via email when the shipper catalogs the pick-up.
  • This product requires customer offloading assistance.
  • Please add the item to your cart and enter your zip code on the cart page to get freight shipping costs.

This product requires LTL freight delivery or local pickup from our location. Product assembly is required. It is recommended that this unit be assembled by experienced contractors, or those experienced in boat hoist assembly and installation. Improper assembly and maintenance may void factory warranties. It is important to review and examine all assembly/use instruction guides prior to operation.

Manufacturer: ShoreStation
Base Group
Product MPN: SS-V40108MY
Load Capacity: 4,000
Model: SS-V40108MY
Item Type: Lift - Freestanding
Assembly Required: Yes
Lift Design
Operation: Manual
Watercraft Style: Pontoon, Single Hull
Lift Design: Freestanding, Manual, Vertical
Frame Specs
Inside Opening: 108" Inside Width
Lift Cradle Travel: 48
Cradle Style: Aluminum V-Rack
Frame Material: Aluminum
Fasteners: Stainless/Brass Combo
Foot Pad Size: 12 x 16
Pulley Specs
Pulley Diameter: 4.5
Pulley Material: Garmax
Cable Specs
Cable Diameter: 5/16
Cable Material: Stainless Steel
Winch Specs
Wheel Size: 48
Winch: 386:1
Lift Operation: Turn Wheel
Application Suggestions
Watercraft Weight (Wet): 2,400 - 2,900, 2,900 - 3,400, 3,400 - 3,900
Shipping Information
Typically Ships: 2 - 5 Weeks
Shipping Method: LTL Freight, Pickup
Manufacturer Details
Manufacturer Website:
Manufacturer Support Phone:: 1-800-859-3028
Warranty-Structure: 15
Warranty-Cables: 2
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