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Gear Plate AMS 3000 lb Capacity with A.O. Smith 3/4 HPRD Motor, Switch, GFI Plug, Pulley and Belt-Hefty Hoist AMS 3000 lb Capacity with A.O. Smith 3/4 HPRD Motor, Switch, GFI Plug, Pulley and Belt

Manufacturer: Magnum Lifts

Load Capacity: 3000

Power Type: AC

Item Type: Lift - Motors

Cover Option
Control Option
On Sale For: $608.00

The AMS Heavy Hoist 3000 uses a 3/4 hp TENV (56 frame) motor that can be wired with either 120v or 240v. A GFCI protected outlet must be used. This flat plate unit provides a 30" per minute lifting speed standard and uses a standard 2" schedule 40 pipe.



  • 3000 lb Capacity
  • Easy Access Grease Points for easy lubrication
  • Open worm operation to dispense old grease and metal buildup
  • 954 Case hardened bronze worm for extreme torque and capacity
  • 12" Precision Machined Ductile Iron Gear for longevity in the field
  • Heat treated bronze bushing to deflect heat while under load
  • Balanced Zinc pulley to ensure no vibration while under load
  • Belts made by Goodyear with extra band strength
  • Designed and built to handle the elements
  • 30" vertical feet per minute
  • 1/4" galvanized steel plate standard
  • 14 gauge wire with Weatherproof Switch
  • Made in the USA


The Heavy Hoist 3000 uses a 12" gear with 96:1 ratio driven by a 3/4 hp motor and will produce 3,790 in/lbs of torque. The unit itself is rated at 3000 lbs; therefore the capacity is only 80 percent with a safety margin of 20 percent. This means wear on all friction parts will be less and the life of these parts will be extended.



  • 1/4" Galvanized Steel Plate, 1/2" Aluminum Plate (no guarantee on deflection) or Stainless Steel Plate
  • Gear Unit
  • Pulley with Belt
  • AOS 3/4 hp Motor
  • Power Switch
  • GFI Power Cord



  • Motor Cover
  • Gem 2 Motor Remote


Open Gear Flat Plate systems have been around a long time and have been proven to provide extremely low liability along with the ability to maintain wear points preventing surprise failure. This system has latitude to work under various lift conditions, and also adapt as these conditions change over time.



  • 5 year warranty on mechanical parts and 1 year warranty on electrical parts
  • Shipping available worldwide with FedEx or UPS


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3000 lb capacity open gear flat plate unit with a 3/4 hp motor, a 14 gauge weatherproof wire tight switch in a box, plate, pulley and belt.
Manufacturer: Magnum Lifts
SKU: AMS3000
Typically Ships: 2- 5 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Product Information
Load Capacity: 3000
Motor Type: A.O. Smith 3/4 HPRD TENV 115/230v
Power Type: AC
Optional Accessory: Gem 2 Motor Remote
Plate Size: 12" x 24"
Gear: 12" 96 Tooth
Restocking Fee: Yes
Warranty: Motors and electrical 1 year and steel plates, pulleys and gears are 5 year.
Design: Flat Plate Gear Drive
Item Type: Lift - Motors
Accessory Type: Flat Plate Motor
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