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FLO-FAST Dual 7.5 Gallon Professional Series with Fold Flat Cart-FLO-FAST Dual 7.5 Gallon Professional Series with Fold Flat Cart

Manufacturer: PDG LLC

Product MPN: 30027

Model: 30027

Item Type: Boat Fueling

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Product Color
On Sale For: $369.00

FLO-FAST boat and marine fueling system is the perfect tool for people who spend time on the water.The Dual 7.5 Gallon Professional series complete fueling system with Fold Flat Cart makes re-fueling your boat or watercraft extremely easy, and best of all it keeps the water clean! Simply roll FLO-FAST out on the boat dock and start fueling.

Step by step illustration of how to use the FLO-FAST boat fueling system:


1. Drop the pump system onto the jug and secure tightly. Orient the pump head so you are pumping with your right hand.

2. Now secure the tether line to something on your boat to ensure the line will stay in the fluid opening.

3. Simply rotate the crank arm at a rate of 1 revolution per second and you will be dispensing 8 gallons per minute (Professional Series).

You are now fueling your boat!


If fueling your boat is a pain or time consuming, FLO-FAST marine and boat fueling system is truly a product that makes fueling your boat or watercraft a simple, fast, clean and most importantly safe process!

  • Keep your lake clean while fueling your boat with Flo Fast
  • Able to reach up to 12 feet away with additional 5ft extension
  • Sliding tether line and clamp on hose
  • Available with Red, Blue, Clear or Yellow jugs



The Professional Series Pump is the elite offering from Flo-Fast. This bi-directional fuel pump is able to transfer 8 gallons in either direction. Professional Pumps consists of:Ryton pump body, (3) PTFE vanes, 2 seals (PTFE & viton), Stainless steel hardware, Ryton draw tubes, Premium hose 3/4'' x 1'', (1) O-Ring side, aluminum handle, steel shaft.


Included with this fueling system is the FLO-FAST aluminum fold flat cart with tank strap. This cart fits are FLO-FAST fuel containers and is rated at a 200 lb load capacity. The fold flat cart conserves storage space and provides enhanced portability. This cart is recommended for those that will be using the fueling system on hard packed and fairly flat surfaces. If your intended use requires mobility in softer or rougher areas, check out the FLO-FAST systems equipped with the Versa Cart options.



  • Due to high demand, this product takes 7 to 10 days to ship.
  • Ship UPS anywhere UPS delivers.

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Manufacturer: PDG LLC
Base Group
Product MPN: 30027
Model: 30027
Item Type: Boat Fueling
Accessory Type: Fueling System
Series: Professional
Typically Ships: 7-10 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Product Information
Container Size: 7.5 Gallon
Hose Diameter: 1" ID x 1-1/4" OD
Gallons Per Minute: 8 GPM
Pump Model: Professional Pump
Included Accessories: Tether Line with Clamp & Plug, Static Line, Rigid Pipe
Pump Body: Ryton
Vanes: PTFE (3)
Draw Tube: Ryton
Seal: PTFE & Viton Seal (2)
Cart Model: Fold Flat Cart
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