Standard Duty Wood Dock Outside Corner Male H-OCM

Brand: MM 

Part Type: Outside Corner 

Thickness: 1/4" 

Item Type: Dock - Hardware 

Part Location: Outside Corner 

Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel 

Our Regular Price: $19.75


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Wood Dock Outside Corner Male

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Standard Duty Wood Dock Outside Corner Bracket with Male Hinge Connection Point can be used in several configurations. This design typically is combined with the outside corner female bracket (sold separately) to create a hinge connection between two dock sections. It can also be a stand along corner bracket or to be used in combination with a inside corner bracket (sold separately). By installing this outside corner bracket and adding a inside bracket you will create a very strong reinforced dock corner. This bracket is used at the corners of a wood dock when there is need for hinging connections. It is suggested that you use 1/2" carriage bolts for assembly purposes and a 3/4" bolt or pin for hinge connection.

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