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3 X 10 ShoreMaster PolyDock

Brand: ShoreMaster 

Model: 1022945 

Part Type: Dock Section 

Load Capacity: 1875 (lbs)

Item Type: Dock - Floating 

Design: Floating Sectional 

Our Regular Price: $983.00

On Sale For: $935.00


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ShoreMaster 3'x10' Poly Dock Section

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ShoreMaster PolyDock is a great addition to any lakefront that requires a floating system. Constructed from rugged, durable polyethylene, this modular floating dock provides an alternative to those unable to use a conventional free standing dock system. Unlike conventional dock systems, floating systems work well in areas where the bottom is too soft or an area where the water fluctuates too much for a floating system.

The 3' x 10' Rhino Floating sections feature a very attractive sandstone brick patio, non slip deck surface. The modular design of this system allows for complete custom configuration, allowing you to design it based upon your needs and application. Connecting sections together has been made simple with their weather-wood composite dock connectors. Connectors are available in 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10' lengths, which allows for any dock configuration you can design. Many of the connectors and accessories can be used with the Shore Master poly dock systems also.



  • Constructed of durable, rugged polyethylene
  • Simple Assembly and Installation
  • Sandstone, Non-Slip brick pattern deck surface
  • Universal modular design
  • Unlimited design configurations
  • 8 year warranty on polyethylene structure


ShoreMaster offers and selection of various selection anchoring hardware components designed specifically for PolyDock sections. Sections can be secured into location with the use of PolyPipe Brackets, Chain Anchor Guides, Pile Hoops, or Stiff-arms. Depending on location, configuration and lakefront conditions the appropriate anchoring hardware can differ and a combination of anchoring hardware can be utilized together. 

 PolyPipe Brackets are collar brackets that attach along the outer face of any PolyDock section. The Pipe Bracket when installed is used in combination with a 2"- 4-1/2" diameter posts, post are augered of pounded into the lake bottom. Once the post inserted through the pipe bracket and  has been secured to the lake bottom the open collar on the bracket allows the dock section to adjust to water fluctuations and secures the dock in location. It is recommended that pipe brackets are used at least every 20' along a system and at the end of the last section within a configuration.  

 Chain Anchor Guides
attach to the outer face of any PolyDock section. This bracket option allows for the use of a Dead Weight to anchor sections in place. The Chain Anchor Guide is allows you to chain connect your choice of deadweight to the bracket in order to secure the section in place. The chain should provide a 4:1 slope between the guide and the deadweight during normal conditions. This will allow for proper tension and the ability for the dock to adjust to water level fluctuations. 

 Pile Hoops are available in three sizes fitting existing 8", 10" or 12" piling diameters. The ShoreMaster PolyDock Pile Hoops attach to the outer face of any PolyDock section. Once installed around a piling post and attached to the dock the Pile Hoop secures the section in place and is able to freely adjust with water fluctuations.  

 Stiff-Arm anchors create a connection point from your shoreline to a PolyDock section. This anchoring method creates a rigid arm between the dock section outer face and a post that is secured to the shoreline or seawall. Shoreside connection pivots and allows for a degree of water fluctuations depending on the arm length. Stiff-arms are a great option when post, piling or anchoring methods are not an option. 



ShoreMaster PolyDock systems must be picked up at our location, delivered by us locally or can be shipped LTL freight anywhere in the world. Please contact us for shipping estimates. Shipping can be calculated in the cart, but may be higher than a custom estimate. Orders typically ship within 2-4 business weeks. However, some items may take longer to arrive. We ask that you please take into account processing and shipping time when you place your order.

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