ShoreMaster 6 Step QC Dock Stair with Handrail

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QC 6 Step Dock Stair with Handrail

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All aluminum heavy duty Quick Connect  6 step dock stair that is made by Shore Master. It has a 22" step width and 1 1/2" x 1" rounded corner hand rails. These dock stairs feature marine alloy aluminum construction with stainless steel and brass fasteners.

These stairs have a 90 degree pre-drilled bracket at the top where it would attach to the dock. It is made to fit most styles of stationary and wheel-in docks with flush sides.

 (This Product requires 2 QC connectors)


  • Marine Alloy Aluminum Construction
  • Comfortable to the touch hand rails
  • Stainless steel and brass fasteners
  • Ribbed step for traction
  • Adjustable 16" legs with 6" x 6" base pad



  • Attaches to the side and top surface of your dock with a 90 degree pre-drilled bracket
  • Legs are adjusted for leveling stairs

The easiest way to determine whether or not this is the correct step for your water depth is to measure from the lake bottom to the top of your dock. If you take this measurement and divide it by 6.5 (the rise of each step), you will end up with the ideal number of 6.5" steps. You will subtract 1 for the step up to the dock from the top step of the stair.

This step will work well for a dock that is 46" to 54" off the lake bottom. You can use this for a little deeper water, but the first step would become higher the deeper you go.



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