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Boat Lifts

Aluminum lifts from 750 lb to 15,000 lb capacity by Sh...

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Pontoon Lifts

Both Vertical and Cantilevering pontoon lifts...

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Dock Hardware

Dock supports, posts, brackets, base pads, augers, dec...

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Wood Dock

Wood Dock sections with aluminum side stringers and wi...

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Aluminium Dock

Aluminum Dock sections both anodized and non-anodized ...

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ShoreStation Parts

ShoreStation boat lift, dock, canopy, and several hard...

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Boat Lift Motors

Direct drive and wheel assist motors for boat lifts...

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Floating Jet Ski Dock

Drive on floating PWC & Jet Ski docking...

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Boat Lift Canopy

Boat Lift Canopy Frames, Replacement Covers, Parts and...

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Solar Panels

Solar panels and solar power for lake lifts...

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Install & Removal Tools

Wheel Kits and the Boat Lift Jack make installation mu...

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Boat Fueling

Fuel your boat at your dock easily and safely...

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Thru Flow Decking Bio-Kleen Marine and RV Cleaners Solar panels for boat lifts


Boat Lift and Hoist Systems

Here at, we offer many different types, models and brands of marine lifts to ensure we have a lift that fits your watercraft, budget and application. Whether you are looking for a freestanding, boat house, piling mount or elevator style lift, we can provide information to help you decide which lift would best suite your application.

What are the benefits of a lift? They are the fastest and easiest way to get on the water if you live on or near the lake, no more trailering. Protects your boat from zebra muscles, algae, barnacles and other fouling organisms and substances. They also help to keep your boat and dock safe during bad weather and maintain a great resale value.

When choosing a lift for your boat, pontoon, pwc or whatever watercraft you are looking to lift, there are 2 things you should know that will help narrow the search;

  • The Overall Weight which is the dry weight, plus fuel (approx 6.2 lbs per gallon), add on accessories and gear on board. You can find the dry weight of most boats, pontoons and other watercraft at
  • Knowing the Beam or Width at Widest of your watercraft is also important. This will determine the necessary width your lift needs to be and is mainly used for freestanding lifts.

With freestanding lifts, you will also want to know the water depth and the consistency and slope of the lake bottom. Boat house lifts require a the lift to be mounted to the joists of the boat house structure whether clamped directly to the joist or a beam spanning multiple joists. Piling mount lifts require accurate spacing of piles and this spacing varies depending on the size of the lift.

Boat Dock Systems

When it comes to dock, we offer a number of different non permanent systems. Whether your lake has a sandy bottom with a gradual incline, very deep and mucky, tidal or large fluctuations, we have a system that will work for you. We carry residential and commercial systems from manufactures like Shore Station™, Max™, Wahoo™ and more. We also offer parts and pieces that allow you to build a dock or repair and existing system.

  • Freestanding systems work well in areas with semi solid to solid lake bottoms and in water depths up to about 10'. With multiple decking options and support configurations, this type of dock can be easily customized, added to or removed or installed for seasonal use.
  • Roll In Dock works great in fluctuating water levels and allows you to chase the water. If your shoreline moves out 10', the dock is rolled out 10', re-leveled and ready to be used again.
  • Floating Dock can be used almost anywhere and allows the dock to move with the water. With multiple ways to anchor a floating system, they can be used in almost any application.