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12v Battery Indicator

Battery Type: 12v 

Brand: Lakefront Fix, Inc. 

Model: 12v Charge Indicator 

Item Type: Solar Accessory 

Frame Material: Plastic 

Our Regular Price: $19.95


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Battery Indicator

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This Battery Indicator allows you to monitor the amount of charge within your 12v battery. This unit displays the condition of your battery instantly with the push of a button.

The Battery Indicator can be used with all 12 volt batteries, any size or type, including maintenance-free, deep cycle and gel type. You will need to use two units for checking the status of your 24-volt boat lift system, one for each battery.


  1. Turn off all Motors or Accessories
  2. Carefully find the best location on or near your battery to stick the Battery Indicator so it can be seen and read easily.
  3. Clean the surface where you plan to stick the indicator. Remove the backing and stick firmly on a clean dry spot.
  4. Attach the Red Wire to the Positive Terminal and the Black Wire to the Negative Terminal.

The Battery Indicator gives you a quick and accurate indication of your battery's charge condition. It allows you to determine whether your battery is charging, needs to be charged, is not holding its charge or needs to be replaced.


  • Make sure the motor is not in use.
  • Press the Push Button on the Battery Indicator.
  • The LED's on the indicator will light up to show you how charged your battery currently is. If no LED's are lit, the battery is dead or the Battery Indicator is not properly connected.

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