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Here you will find motors for free standing lifts as well as piling mount and boat house hoists . We offer direct drive, wheel to wheel and power winch options for many different popular free standing lifts. We also offer gear plate, direct drive and enclosed gear drives for boat house, piling mount and PWC hoist.

Lift Motors

Turn your freestanding manual boat lift into an solar powered or electric hoist. We offer the widest variety of boat lift motors in the industry, choose from a wide selection of direct drive and friction drive motors for your manually operated boat lift. All motor models are available in 12V DC or 110V AC power options.
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Hoist Motors

Gear units, direct drive and enclosed gear drives for boat house lifts, piling mount and PWC hoists. These motors will not work for free standing lifts. Here you will find 1500 lb to 8500 lb capacity systems, replacement motors and Gem remotes.
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Motor Parts

Here you will find replacement and repair parts for all of the motors we offer and are separated by brand. Please contact us if you require a part that is not shown in this category.

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