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This section offers free standing, floating, roll-in and commercial dock systems. In order to choose a system, you will need to know about the area where the lift would be installed. If you are looking for a freestanding, your lake bottom will need to be semi solid and not over 10' to 12' deep. Roll-in also requires a semi solid lake bottom with a water depth no more than 7'. Floating dock works almost anywhere no matter the water depth.

Lake Dock

This section offers free standing aluminum, vinyl and wooden dock and pier systems that can be used in water depths up to a maximum of 12' deep. These systems can be easily configured to achieve almost any layout desired. Freestanding dock has also been designed to be removed and installed for seasonal use if needed.

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Floating Docks

This section offers full poly, aluminum and custom floating dock systems. These systems can be used in most areas whether the lake bottom is too muddy or deep for any other systems or if the water level fluctuates. Please contact us with any questions or layout pricing.

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Roll In Dock

This section offers aluminum Roll In Dock Kits that can be used in water depths up to about 6' deep. You will also require a semi solid lake bottom in order for the system to be stable. Platforms and fingers can be added but may or may not be able to be rolling.

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Commercial Dock

Our commercial dock section covers marina docks, community docks and public access docks which require custom designs, additional engineering and ADA compliance.

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