Canopy Covers

Top quality, custom made replacement boat lift canopy covers offered for most freestanding boat lift canopy frame manufacturers. This Section offers a wide selection of boat lift canopies tops for most popular freestanding boat lift brands. 
All made in the USA, choose from our selection of four materials: Shelter-Rite, Designer Line, WeatherMax and SeaMark, each available in various color options. Each cover model is custom designed to properly fit the corresponding OEM canopy frame size and style.  Our canopies come complete with the selected cover, attaching frame hardware, storage bag and a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Every boat lift manufacturer use a custom design for their canopy frames and specialize measuring methods, please verify your exact canopy frame manufacturer and size prior to ordering. Please review our canopy measuring information prior to ordering.  Most orders ship within 4-14 business days, depending on model. 

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