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ShoreStation Dock Bumpers-ShoreStation Classic Dock Bumper

Manufacturer: ShoreStation

Product MPN: DB

Item Type: Dock - Bumper

Price: $129.00

The ShoreStation Dock Bumpers are available for either ShoreStation Classic Dock series or ShoreBridge and can be easily added to provide extra protection for your dock and watercraft. Each bumper is constructed of a galvanized steel core with a flexible polyethylene cover.  When choosing the orientation of your dock bumper you will want to be standing at your beach looking out over your dock to determine the "left" or "right" dock bumper.

Post style bumpers such as Shorestation DB model ensure that that you boat does not "stick under" or "drop on top" of your section due to wake/wave and water level fluctuations. The idea of this bumper style is that your boat has a safe distance for vertical transition up and down. It is very handy for those that are in a "rough" spot of the lake or those whom see their water levels change throughout the year. Many users also find the bumper functionable, as it creates something to grab when they are entering the boat or docking the boat. ShoreStation bumpers are not padded. They are a stiff bumper covered with a durable PVC that is smooth and non-abrasive. We do have other bumper options, but most would attach directly to your side board of the dock section and would require drilling or bolting on the the section.bjw

ShoreStation Classic Dock bumpers are installed on any of your existing leg frame supports. Each support has a set of four connection ears on either side of the support where these bumpers are mounted. Simply position the dock bumper assembly mounting tabs over the corresponding leg frame ears, let them interlock and "click" the bumper in place. Classic dock bumpers are offered in three mounting angle configurations: Straight (pictured), Left or Right.

ShoreStation Shorebridge Dock bumpers are installed by bolting on any existing screw leg assemblies or on section side frame providing several options for mounting locations.


  • Overall Height 62.5"
  • Galvanized Steel Core for Strength

Accessories are one of the most popular features of the Genuine ShoreStation Dock. Many accessories feature ShoreStation's patented "Quick-as-a-Click" connector which allows most accessories to be installed or removed without tools. All ShoreStation accessories are constructed of the finest materials and are specially designed to be useful, as well as compliment the beautiful appearance of your dock.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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Single ShoreStation Dock Bumper for Classic Style Dock. Please choose color and either straight, right or left.
Manufacturer: ShoreStation
Base Group
Product MPN: DB
Product Information
For use with: ShoreStation Classic Dock
Item Type: Dock - Bumper
Part Type: Dock Bumper
Compatible Leg Frame: LF-15-4, LF-15-6, LF-15-8, LF-22-2, LF-22-4, LF-22-6, LF-22-8, LF-36-2, LF-36-4, LF-36-6, LF-36-8, LF-48-2, LF-48-4, LF-48-6, LF-48-8, LF-66-2, LF-66-4, LF-66-6, LF-66-8, LF-84-2, LF-84-4, LF-84-6, LF-84-8
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