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Aluminum Stair System - 4 Step Stairway with Handrail AS-4

Manufacturer: Metallic Ladder

Size: 4 FT Long Stairway

Item Type: Stairway

Construction: Aluminum

On Sale For: $0.00


These All Aluminum Stairways are a lightweight and durable stair system that can be used for a variety of waterfront applications where stability and reliability matter most. These units are portable and virtually maintenance-free. The all aluminum construction is corrosion resistant, will never rot and there is no reason to paint...maintaning its attractive appearance for a lifetime.



  • 45° Approach Standard
  • 29.25" Standard Stairway Tread Width
  • 32" Overall Stair Width
  • Aluminum construction and will not rust or rot!
  • Double Handrail standard on all step models.
  • 7" Non-Skid Stair Tread Depth
  • 8.5" Stair Riser Height
  • 1 1/4" OD Upper and Lower Handrail Bar




When determining the stair length you need, there are a couple of things to remember. The standard approach or angle of the stairway is 45°, this will make the rise (B) equal to the run (A)  in the illustration to the left. So it is important to know the height of where the stair will begin AND you will need to measure for the run to know exactly where your stair will end. The stairway can end on really any type of base, concrete, sand, grass, long as it is solid. A soft base could be a problem. If the end is resting on concrete, the bottom of the stairway can be bolted into the concrete.

This information will allow you to decide if the standard 45° angle will work for your application. Custom approach angles are available from 35° to 55°. Please contact us for custom approach angles.



Adjustable leveling legs are also available for the bottom end of the stairway. If you find the landing area of the stair is not level from side to side, leveling legs can be added that are independently adjusted. Keep in mind that when you add the additional height of the leveling leg, your first step will increase. 

Adjustable leveling legs are not included and must be added in the drop downs above.





The attaching bracket makes installing the unit quite easy. The top of the stairway has two large pins that drop into the bracket and is how the unit connects to the bracket. The bracket should be fastened to a bulkhead or similar structure using a minimum of 4 bolts. The bolts should be located on the tabs on the bracket so they do not cause a trip hazard. There are tabs to attach to both the top and side of the bulkhead.

The attaching bracket is included with the stairway.


A 20’ stairway weights approximately 200 pounds, yet supports loads in excess of 1600 pounds. It can be carried and installed by two individuals. Stairways can be custom fabricated for specific applications. Stairways in excess of 100' have been fabricated where conditions allow support structures to be installed at 20' intervals.




Product ships freight knocked down on a pallet and requires some assembly.

Manufacturer: Metallic Ladder
Size: 4 FT Long Stairway
Item Type: Stairway
Typically Ships: 7 to 14 Business Days
Shipping Method: LTL Freight
SEE Group
Step Width: 29.25 Inch
Max Height: Non-Slip Aluminum
Step Surface: Non-Skid Aluminum
Step Depth: 7 Inch
Attaching Hardware: Bulkhead Bracket Standard
Construction: Aluminum
Step Rise: 8.5 Inch
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