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Solar Piling Down Light and Power Unit

Manufacturer: Lake Lite

Product MPN: LL-SPL-8

Model: LL-SPL-8

Item Type: Dock - Solar Lights

Housing Color
On Sale For: $269.95

The 8” Solar Piling Light is the most advanced, robust, and aesthetically appealing solar piling light to hit the market. 5- brightness settings allow you to select the desired brightness and run time or change the performance according to seasonal changes. 8-Super bright LEDs are positioned to shine downward to eliminate blinding eye glare and provide more ambient light. Power setting can be adjusted using a patented design by simply touching the top of the solar panel. Choose from White or Black finishes to suit your aesthetic dock requirements.

This unit has an advanced microprocessor control circuit which monitors every aspect of the light and has protective features to prevent overcharging, over discharging, output control, and constant brightness technology even as battery voltage drops! Equipped with the industries latest LiFePo4 battery technology ensures numerous years of service on the same battery pack!

We are sure this is the most advanced, cost-effective dock lighting solution on the market. Payback is typically 1-year or less when you consider the cost of installing UL certified electricity, wiring, and lighting on a dock. Simply installing certified GFI power to a dock can cost thousands which don't even include the wiring for each light fixture, or the cost of the fixture itself. The Solar Piling Light which can be installed in minutes at a fraction of the cost will pay for itself upon installation.



  • Changeable LiLePo4 Battery Pack
  • Adjustable Lumens Output
  • Adjustable 6-18 Hours Run Time
  • Salt and Fresh Water Rated


Manufacturer: Lake Lite
Typically Ships: 1-3 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Base Group
Product MPN: LL-SPL-8
Product Information
Model: LL-SPL-8
Design: Piling Mount
Style: Pile Light
Run Time: 6-18
Bulb Type: LED
Lumens: 15
Available LED Colors: White
Light Mode Options: Constant
Battery Type: LiFePo4
Accessory Type: Solar Light
Item Type: Dock - Solar Lights
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