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Stabil 6' x 36' with 22" Chambers

Manufacturer: Stabil-Float

Item Type: Dock - Floating

Our Regular Price: $11,600.00
On Sale For: $9,229.00

Stabil-Float systems are extremely strong and stable floating docks that have changed the face and the flotation of floating dock systems. Stabil-Float is a Patent Pending solution that is surprisingly light, but extremely strong, giving the buyer more than three times the resale value of other floating aluminum docks.

The most important consideration used in designing Stabil-Float was “stability”. A close second was that it had to be friendly to the environment and end user. A standard 6’ x 36’ Stabil-Float Dock with 36" tall chambers can support more than seven thousand pounds and offer nearly that much in ballast for stability.

stabil dock with 21 people on it

This is the most stable floating dock system on the market today. The dock sits upon chambers that contain air for flotation or buoyancy and water for ballast. This system can be used for almost any application on the water;

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Marinas
  • Parks
  • Municipal
  • Government
  • Salt or Freshwater
  • Boat Lifts
  • Dry Docks
  • Wave Attenuation
  • Bridges


Although extremely stable, the system follows fluctuating water levels and the optional integral wheels allow for ease of installation or removal for seasonal storage or relocation.

Unlike foam filled floats, it is 100% recyclable and kind to our environment. The use of renewable resources such as Western Red Cedar gives Stabil-Float the warm look a home owner would be proud to have at their beach. It is long lasting, durable, attractive, and untreated.

Lastly, we use aluminum for the flotation chambers and the superstructure offering durability, long life, and low maintenance. When combining both features, aluminum and Red Cedar decking, the system stands alone when compared to others.


stabil floating dock



  • Very Stable! - the ballast provides stability and nature provides the flotation
  • Strength - flotation chambers and the superstructure offer durability, long life, and little to no maintenance
  • Safe for the Environment - 100% recyclable
  • Excellent resale value - more than three times the value of other floating aluminum docks
  • Cedar, composite or aluminum decking available



Stabil-Float Dock Systems ship from Holland, Michigan and can be shipped worldwide. Please contact us for shipping prices and availability.

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Manufacturer: Stabil-Float
Frame Spec
Frame Material: Aluminum
Decking Spec
Decking Material: Cedar
Quick Info
Section Width: 6
Section Length: 36
Item Type: Dock - Floating
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