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ShoreMaster Roll-In Wheel Kit

Manufacturer: ShoreMaster

Product MPN: 1007018 / 1007829_Qty2

Load Capacity: 800 lbs / set

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Item Type: Install / Removal Tools

On Sale For: $290.00

This Heavy duty roll-in wheel kit is designed to attach to many types of boat lifts. Make your boat lift installation easier by adding this wheel kit to your existing lift. Rolls over a variety of terrains and only takes minutes to install.


  • Made to go over any terrain
  • 24" Heavy Duty Plastic Wheels
  • Brackets can remain on lift year round
  • Hardware fits extrusions up to 4" Wide and up to 7" Tall
  • Wheel Kit can also be used with some roll in boat dock sections.


  • Aluminum Wheel Axle Brackets
  • (2) - 1-7/8" Diameter x 15-1/2" Long Axles
  • Pair of heavy duty poly tires
  • Attaching Hardware


It is typically recommended that once your lift is installed that the wheels and axles be removed while the lift is being used. The wheels and axles are easily removed by pulling the retaining axle cotter key.

Once the cotter key is removed the axles and tires are easily and quickly removed by sliding out the axle from the brackets installed on your lift's lower frame tube.

Note: If you wish to leave the wheels installed once the lift is in the water, you must ensure that your lift leveling legs are adjusted properly. It is important, that if the wheels are left in place while the lift is being used, that the tires are in no way supporting the weight of the lift and watercraft. The wheel kits are not designed to support the weight of a watercraft and should not be used for this purpose.

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Manufacturer: ShoreMaster
SKU: 1007018 / 1007829_Qty2
Base Group
Product MPN: 1007018 / 1007829_Qty2
Product Information
Load Capacity: 800 lbs / set
Wheel Size: 24" Poly Wheel
Mount Style: Bolt On
Fasteners: Stainless/Brass Combo
Typically Ships: 2 - 5 Business Days
Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
Return for refund within:: 30
Return for replacement within:: 30
Item Type: Install / Removal Tools
Construction: Aluminum / Poly
Accessory Type: Wheel Kit
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