Aqua Jump Eclipse 200

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Aqua Jump Eclipse 200

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The new Aqua Jump Eclipse model AJ200 from RAVE Sports is the most unique water trampoline on the market. Now patented, RAVE’s design has removed the heavy steel frame from the perimeter of the trampoline providing an easier to install and handle design without decreased performance.



  • 30% more jump surface
  • 50% faster set-up
  • 30% reduction in weight


With the newly designed Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 you no longer need to deal with the heavy and cumbersome metal frame as found on older models. Focused on using the highest quality materials and engineering methods, the redesign of there trampoline allows for faster setup time, lighter components and a larger jumping surface without sacrificing jump performance and providing you with more fun time on the water.

The Aqua Jump AJ200 has a 18' 11" diameter and is the largest trampoline of the Eclipse lineup with a total jump surface of 124 square feet. This unit is designed for 3 adult or 6 children users at a given time.

Each Eclipse model comes complete with a RAVE High Speed Inflator / Deflator and an Anchor Connection Kit with shock cord.

Also, the quick and easy removal of the ladder deters unwanted use when you’re not there!


  • 1 - Inflatable Tube
  • 1 - Jump Surface Mat
  • 112 - 7 - 1/4" Mat Springs
  • 1 - 5 Step Ladder with stabliizer
  • 1 - Safety Pad
  • 1 - Repair Kit
  • 1 - Inflation Adapter
  • 1 - Inflation Coupler


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