Hefty Hoist E Gear

Brand: Magnum Lifts 

Model: E Gear 

Item Type: Lift - Motors 

Design: Worm Gear 

Warranty: 2 Year (Years)

Our Regular Price: $1,298.00


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E Gear Selector

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AMS EGear comes with motor and switch wire with a GFI inline in cord.


  • Proprietary A.O. Smith sealed motor made exclusively for the boat lift industry
  • 30A / 120V or 15A /220V
  • Double Worm Gear
  • Manual Bremas drum switch
  • Made in the USA


  • AOS 3/4HP or 1HP or 1 1/2HP
  • AMS E Gear
  • Switch wire and GFI


  • Motor Cover
  • Gem 2 Motor Remote
  • E Gear 384: 1 w/ 3/4 HP - (3000lb)
  • E Gear 480:1 w/ 1HP  - (5000lb)
  • E Gear 600:1 w/ 1 1/2HP - (6000lb)

 AMS motor systems have been around a long time and have been proven to provide extremely low liability along with the ability to maintain wear points preventing surprise failure. This system has latitude to work under various lift conditions, and also adapt as these conditions change over time.


  • 2 year warranty on electrical parts and 2 year on drive unit
  • Shipping available worldwide with FedEx or UPS


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Magnum E Gear motor comes with four options.

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