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FLO-FAST Versa Cart & Strap

Brand: PDG LLC 

Item Type: Boat Fueling 

Our Regular Price: $169.99


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Flo Fast Versa Cart & Strap
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The FLO-FAST VERSA CART with metal retaining strap saves you from carrying heavy fuel containers. This cart fits single 15 gallon and dual 7.5 FLO-FAST fuel containers and is rated at a 250 lb load capacity. The Versa cart is a more rugged option versus the fold flat cart options. This cart is recommended for those that will be using the fueling system on various terrain conditions. It features a 10" inflated tire which makes fuel transportation easier.  If your intended use requires mobility in hard packed and flat surfaces, check out the FLO-FAST systems equipped with the Fold Flat Cart options.


  • 250 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Detachable Load Plate
  • Reversible Handle
  • Custom Load Plate Extension

  • Ship UPS anywhere UPS delivers.

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