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BLD 24" Premium Poly Wheel Tire

Brand: Lakefront Fix, Inc. 

Model: BLD-TIRE 

Part Type: Poly Tire 

Item Type: Install / Removal Tools 

Wheel Size: 24" Diameter (inch)

Weight: 14 (lbs)

Our Regular Price: $62.00

On Sale For: $49.00


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24" Poly Wheel with 2" Hole

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Our 24" Poly Wheel (plastic tire) has a two inch axle hole and an eight inch flat surface. The flat surface, in our opinion work better than the round wheels especially in softer lake bottoms. The wheel come standard drain holes.


  • 24 Inch Diameter
  • 2" Hole for Axle
  • 8" Surface Width
  • Drain Holes


The wheels work well with wheel kits that use a 2 inch diameter axle. The width of the wheel through the hole is 8 inches and you will need to make sure your axle is longer than 8 inches.

Note: If you wish to leave the wheels installed once the lift is in the water, you must ensure that your lift leveling legs are adjusted properly. It is important, that if the wheels are left in place while the lift is being used, that the tires are in no way supporting the weight of the lift and watercraft. The wheels are not designed to support the weight of a watercraft and should not be used for this purpose.

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