QRamp M7 - Premium 180° Platform Bridge

Brand: Thru Flow 

Item Type: Modular Ramp 

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1' Bridge Section

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QRamp Premium Edition Module 7: 180° Platform Bridge

The QRamp™ system offers a real, maintenance-free, movable alternative to a permanent wood ramp that looks attractive on your home. Exclusive features put QRamp™ above the rest when it comes to safety.


Decking Surface: The QRamp features market leading, exclusive safety features that set the QRamp apart from others. Q-Ramp is the only system available that offers a 360 ° 0.8 static coefficient of slip, non-slip surface. Regardless of which direction you are moving, you will remain slip-free. The decking surface manufactured by Thru-Flow not only offers the non-slip surface but it also allows for rain and snow to pass through.

ADA Compliant: Designed with 4.5" positive stop curbs, the QRamp exceeds all others products and building code that typically provide a 2.5" stop curb around the frame perimeter. Most motorized chairs and scooters today are designed to climb a 2.5" curb. With the 4.5" curb found on the QRamp, this feature provides a positive stop and keeps you safer.

Lighted Guides: Found on the QRamp Premium Edition, each section features Glow-in-the-Dark guides integrated into the stop curb that light your way in the dark.

Clean Design: Simple, yet elegant lines that are designed to blend and compliment your home unlike the common shiny silver ramps on the market today.

Color: Carefully selected UV stabilized color to appear as neutral as possible with a Powder-Coated aluminum frame and tan composite decking.

Human Feel: Integrated textures that not only make the ramp user friendly but protect the user from the temperature change that occurs to the surface while gripping the ramp. While other ramps can have you gripping hot, cold or dirty metal.

No Debris Build Up: QRamp™ uses an ADA compliant grated decking surface called ThruFlow™ which allows water, snow, ice, dirt and debris to fall through the walking surface keeping your ramp clean and clear.

No Sanding, Painting or Staining: Made of maintenance-free composite construction such as marine grade aluminum, polymer decking and durable outdoor powder coated paint that is color fast and will provide you with many years of beautiful, maintenance free use.

No Grip Tape: Non-slip surface that is built into the decking for 360° slip resistance that will not wear away quickly like grip tape or similar surfaces.

Simple Configuration: Most QRamp™ configurations are made with only four main modules, this means less confusion, simple configuration and re-configuration.

Quick Easy Installation: Quickest and easiest modular ramp system to put together on the market today.
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