MaxStand 4' Wide Shorty Hidden Support System - MS04-SH

Brand: Max Dock 

Model: MST004-SH 

Style: Under Dock 

Part Type: Dock Support 

Item Type: Dock - Leg Stand 

Design: A-Frame Support 

Our Regular Price: $179.00


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MaxDock MS04-SH - MaxStand 4' Wide "Shorty" Hidden Under-Dock Support with A-Frame Stance

A-frame stance under dock support is hidden from the top of the dock. The A-frame stance provides great stability. The deeper the water, the wider the stance which creates a more stable dock in comparison to traditional H-Frame style supports. Under dock frame stands create a more aesthetically please look, when installed there is no posts above the dock as you find with other support styles.  

Each support comes with an assembled main frame with mounted stringer brackets, two 2" aluminum leg posts and two base pads. With the "standard" under support the leg posts go up into the main frame approximately 35" giving you about 32" of adjustment. The leg posts easily adjust with a 1/2" stainless bolt and brass nut.

We also offer under dock support for your shallow water areas, called the "shorty" stand. The "shorty" edition has all the same features that the "standard" stand. However, with a reduced main frame leg columns and shorter leg posts the "shorty" stand is designed to be used in water depths of 1'' - 2'' assuming the top of the dock is 12" above the water line.

Stand Includes

  • Fixed stringer bracket - (2)
  • Main frame - (1)
  • 1/2" Stainless bolt and brass nut leg adjuster - (2)
  • Telescoping Leg post - (2)
  • Choice of 7.5" or 12" Square Base pad - (2)
Each support comes with everything you see above. You have the option to determine the length of the leg post by adjusting the leg height setting. Each dock stand comes standard with your choice of 7.5" x 7.5"  or 12" x 12" aluminum base pads

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