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Gulls Away

Model: Fish Wire Style 

Item Type: Dock - Bird Deterrent 

Dims (WxLxH): Varies by Lift Brand (inch)

Weight: Lightweight Aluminum (lbs)

Our Regular Price: $199.00


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The patent pending Gulls Away™ Rod System  is an easy and effective way to keep Gulls and other birds off your boat lift canopy cover along with their poop. The system has been designed to be economical, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and to will last for years!  Each Rod mounts to the horizontal tube on your lift canopy frame and transparent fishing line is used in a diagonal pattern to deter birds. Nothing touches your canopy.


  • No more poop stench!
  • No more hard to remove stains.
  • Finally...a solution for a Bird Free Boat Lift!
  • Uses Fishing line that is virtually invisible.

**Measure the Length of the Side Apron for best fit**


  • Designed and manufactured in two rod length sizes to accommodate most boat lifts.
  • The mounting bracket which accommodates square and round frames easily attaches to the boat lift frame with two clamps.
  • The rod extends downward and its curved bottom fits loosely around the canopy edge and extends over the top of the lift.
  • The top of the rod includes a hole where supplied fishing line is inserted and tied off.
  • A diagonal pattern is strung from rod to rod which deters the seagulls and birds from landing.


Four Gulls Away™ hardware rods recommended for lifts 26 ft. or less. Six to eight Gulls Away™ hardware rods recommended for lifts over 26 ft. Number of Gulls Away™ hardware rods is dependent on type of lift, size and bird saturation in the usage area. 

**Note: Extremely large frames may require 8 rods.


**Measure the Length of the Side Apron for best fit**

The Gulls Away™ come in two different lengths that are designed for certain canopy brands and types. You will need to choose one or the other in the drop down above.  

  • The Shorter Rod System measures approximately 16" from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the curve and is designed for Boat Launch, Daka, Floe, Hewitt, Newmans, Pier Pleasure, Portalift, RGC, ShoreMaster, Sun Stream Sunlift and Vibo canopies.

  • The Longer Rod System measures approximately 26.5" from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the curve and it designed for ShoreStation and Lakeshore canopies.

The short rod is used for canopy frame that use a deep or tall framework and a shorter skirt. The long rod is used with canopy covers with long skirts hanging down from the frame. Gulls Away are designed for manufactures standard lift canopies and may not fit special order canopies covers with extra long skirts.


  • Gulls Away Rods
  • 2 Attachment Clamps Per Rod
  • 1 Spool of Fishing Line
  • Instructions

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I have a Starr lift. 28'x120" canopy with 24" skirt. Will the 6-longer rod system work?

Gulls Away boat lift canopy bird deterrent system

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