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4' Wide Aluminum and Thru Flow Dock Sections

4' x 10' dock sections with complete aluminum framework and side stringers with ThruFlow® decking for the walking surface

Our Regular Price: $645.00
On Sale For: $569.00 

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4' Wide Aluminum and Thru Flow Dock Sections - Models Available

4'' x 10" Aluminum and Thru Flow Section

Single 4''x10'' dock section with Thru Flow® decking, anodized aluminum side stringers an aluminum framework


Regular Price: $645.00
On Sale For: $569.00 


4'' x 4" Aluminum and Thru Flow Corner Section

Single 4''x 4'' corner dock section with Thru Flow® decking, anodized aluminum side stringers an aluminum framework


Regular Price: $385.00
On Sale For: $347.00 


Anodized Aluminum End Cap

4' Anodized Aluminum End Cap that includes attaching hardware.


Price: $33.00 


Our 4' wide vinyl and aluminum sections use Thru Flow® vinyl grate style decking with aluminum side stringers and welded framework. This option provides a maintenance free dock section that is easy to keep clean and comfortable to walk on. The Decking is also available in 3 different color options.



  • 4' x 10" (actual measurements 47.5" x 118")
  • Thru Flow Grate Style Vinyl Decking
  • 115 lbs per section
  • Maintenance Free
  • 1000 lb max capacity per section
  • Good option for areas with Large Waves and Strong Winds
  • Decking available in 3 colors (gray, white or maple)


Thru Flow® decking panels are both a safe and environmentally friendly. they are an ideal decking surface due load bearing and anti-slip qualities. thru flow panels are also well liked by environmental protection agencies, due its construction and non-light impeding and non-leeching design.

Thru Flow® is also a great decking for docks that are in areas with large amounts of wind and waves. the grate style surface allows both water and wind to pass through the dock. these type of conditions can move, flip or even destroy other docks. The aluminum stringers provide a rigid support and added durability for this vinyl dock system, and are constructed to be used in conjunction with any of the max dock supports.

Freestanding dock supports for this system can be found here.



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Frequently Asked Questions
Question:How do you install a corner section - Michael (05/20/2013)
Response:It is designed to work on 4' wide MAX Standard dock sections. It comes standard with three triangle hanger brackets and attaching hardware. The three brackets attach on the under-side of the lip on thestinger extrusion, one on each end of the triangle stringer and one on either corner of triangle. The bottom bolts tighten against the bottom of stringers and the longer bolt presses hanger brackets together sandwiching the dock triangle and dock section stringers together. Triangles have machined ends with hidden machined corner blocks, so corners are bolted solid in lieu of welding. This allows for stringer to be removed in case of deck panel damage for replacement.