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Choose from traditional H-Frame, under dock, and full cross-member and post assemblies design for use with freestanding stationary boat dock sections.

H-Frame Supports

This section offers H-Frame style dock supports. We offer the traditional support that uses 2" aluminum pipe, cross arm clamps, stringer brackets and base pads. We also offer the very strong MaxLoc cross member with legs and base pads.

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Under Dock Support

These under dock supports are hidden below the dock and are available in various widths. The A-Frame stance support dramatically increases the stability of the dock system . Each under dock support includes frame with stringer bracket, adjustable legs and base pads.
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Platform Supports

This section offers supports that allow for platforms or decks to be configured into a dock layout. These supports are available in the MaxLoc style and the under dock style. Adjustable center legs come standard on the 10' and larger supports.
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Crossmember Only

Here you will find complete cross members that can be used in combination with 2" OD aluminum dock posts to construct an H-Frame support. If you already have posts to be used for the legs and you only need the cross member to create a support, this is the correct category.
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